Saturday, August 29, 2009

We're Here!

We just got to Costa Rica yesterday morning early! It has been a long couple of days since our arrival! First getting used to the climate and how humid it is here has been something else! The minute I get outside my body is damp with sweat, and it’s hot! It will take some time to adjust to this kind of weather they have here! It has rained every afternoon! It reminds me of the monsoon seasons we have back at home, because it starts to rain around 3pm.

The culture is very friendly and people seem eager to help us wherever we go which is nice, but the language barrier gets in the way! We bought this translation book English to Spanish phrases, and that has helped a lot! Jonathan does most of the talking! I just smile and watch! I will eventually get used to it though and hope to start communicating myself!

Yesterday was a long day! We spent most of our day shopping for necessities for our new place, toilet paper, towels, sheets, food etc… We are living in a one bedroom apartment, which is real nice, but I was hoping we were getting two bedrooms! Although the couch folds out into a bed so there is STILL room for company! We are about five to ten minutes from the beach! We have found that Jaco, a town just few minutes away, has a really nice beach and that is where a lot of the surfing takes place apparently! There is a lot of shopping in this town too, which is cool! This area overall reminds me of Hawaii! Very tropical and the people are very laid back!

Today, we found this internet café. The only one that we could find that has free internet! We were excited, so we ordered some coffee and set up the laptop and right when I went to get on, the electricity went out! We have been having difficulties trying to get online from where we are living! Our phones are too expensive to call anyone and we have yet to figure out how to get internet at our apartment! I am praying that this will happen soon! I have grown weary over the past couple of days of not being able to communicate to anyone! It will take time and I just have to be okay with it!

Well, I am hoping that once the electricity gets back on, I will post this up on my blog in order to keep everyone in the loop! I apologize for the delayed update!

More to come I assure you and pictures too 

Friday, August 21, 2009

We Are Moving to Costa Rica!

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night! My mind has been racing all night long at the thought of moving to Costa Rica! Well, it is happening! Jonathan got a job over there and it is pretty certain that we are headed in that direction in one week! It seemed to be a spontaneous decision, but, really it’s been on Jonathan’s mind for years now! So it seems that Father has opened the door for this opportunity to arise, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it! Actually, to be honest, I am nervous, scared, but optimistic, and persistently excited all at the same time! It’s pretty much a rush to think about, but I know that if Father is behind us, we can’t go wrong! There are so many things running through my mind. I can’t seem to stop thinking about it! Costa Rica! I don’t even know what to expect! The Job that Jonathan is taking is a teaching position at a private school there! It is called Falcon International School! He will be teaching mathematics to I believe, High school ages! It’s happening quickly, we are going to be there for one year! We are leaving in one week. In the meantime, there are bazillion things to get done! We are moving and taking all of our belongings to my parent’s storage place in New Mexico, and then we leave Thursday August 27th, in the afternoon sometime! I have to slap myself to realize that this is actually in the process of happening! I am quite amazed how sudden this is happening! My life as I know it is changing right in front of me! Its only for one year, I have to remind myself! I love my family and friends enough NOT to stay away too much longer than that! I will miss Durango very much, and my cleaning clients, and all that this place has to offer, but especially will I miss the friends that I have made here! They have been so much a part of my life that I can’t bear the thought of not seeing them on a regular basis! It will definitely be something to get used to! Well, we have a lot to accomplish before we leave so I must get to it! Please pray for us and our new adventure ahead of us, and that things will get done and it will be a smooth transition! It will be a trip for sure, but I know Father will take care of us! I will try to write more when I have time to breathe! In the meantime, stay tuned!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Current Changes In Uncertain Times

Well, I have missed blogging and now that I have a few spare minutes, I want to share with you about the craziness of life recently!

Well, a couple of weeks ago Jonathan, my husband got laid off. Before this he was really getting tired of his job and wanted to look into going to medical school or something that would mentally stimulate his brain! Well, once we found out that he got laid off, we knew for sure that it was time to look for something else! Thankfully, they gave him two more weeks of work until he was completely done at his job, so that gave us a little boost of time to start looking for jobs! He has been looking diligently for work in the past couple of weeks and at this point has some prospects. First, we would love to stay in the Durango area, but are willing to move if it came to it! We have found that Durango is where we both are very happy, and we have started making amazing friends to share life with and would hate to leave them! So, as of right now Jonathan has a job interview with some boarding school just outside of Durango! He wanted something different so, he has been applying for teaching jobs. High school or college education! He is really interested in teaching and I think he would be outstanding in that position! He tutored me throughout college in algebra and science! If it wasn’t for him, I doubt I would have made if far in those two subjects!

If this doesn’t work out, he has applied in many places, so it seems that the possibilities are endless! In years past, he has always mentioned that he wanted to go to Costa Rica to go learn Spanish for a couple of months! I knew it was just a thought but I never thought it could be a real possibility until recently! He applied for a teaching position over there, and by our surprise, we got a call back right away from the director of a school over there! He wanted to higher Jonathan on the spot, but what is keeping us from making the decision right away is because the pay is really low, and even though they would pay for our room and board, we would still have to keep up with our current bills and we aren’t sure that what they are offering would suffice! Anyway, it may be a possibility in the future, and quite an exciting one, but right now it doesn’t seem feasible!

He has also applied in different parts of the U.S so we are just waiting to see what unfolds in the upcoming future! I usually lose my cool when things are looking unstable and not having job security, but, this time, I have really held it together and to my surprise, I have total peace! There are moments when I start feeling nervous, or uneasy, and I am learning how to learn to go with the flow even if everything around me seems so uncertain! I know Father has a plan for us, and I have literally felt the pressure of needing a plan disappear the moment I decided to let Father lead! Whoohoo! I will keep my blog updated for more events that are to take place!