Thursday, August 4, 2011


When I enter a bookstore, what am I searching for? Looking for a story that is not my own. Or am I looking for a story to just find my own? Purpose and connection, isn't that what we are all looking for? Isn't it ironic that we look for someone else's story to find our own? Will we ever stop searching for our story in someone else? It’s easy to do, especially when our own story is, uneventful, boring, or not worth any attention. I think maybe a lot of us are searching for the excitement for entertainment purposes. We love to watch movies in the theater, get lost in a story, drama, suspense thriller or whatever it may be. That is what happens when we get lost in them, we forget that whatever we are filling our minds with is not real. It’s simply a movie, or a story. In the same sense, reading stories, either in the news or factious books, we want to forget our story so that we can live in this fantasy world. Sure I love to watch movies and read fiction stories, and even at times I do get lost in those moments at a time! But, maybe we are too easily drawn out of our own stories and easily thrown into a fa├žade. So what are we looking for, more fulfillment? So much is missing, or maybe those things are there the whole time, but we are too easily distracted by all the hype and entertainment! When we lose the moment, we lose who we are and worse, we miss everything!