Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thinking Outside The Box With Others.

I've been reading a new blog I came across via Twitter recently that is very interesting to me. I find it most intriguing because there are actual thinkers out there like me. For instance, those who don't think along side of the status quo on everything and are able to question those who profess to follow God. I've been wondering for quite some time why many Christians get away with it because they wear God's name on their sleeve and use him as a scape goat. I am glad to find others out there that are not afraid to stand up to the bully's behind the pulpit, who try to minimize others just so they can be noticed.

What really got me thinking about this recently is coming across Brian Woodell's blog. You can find it here:
λογοι. I offer this to you because I really think his perspective on Christianity and religion is something that needs to be heard. I have done a lot of Christian 'bashing' (as they would consider it to be) in the past, but I would not consider this bashing, but only shining the light on the truth that many are afraid to recognize or draw attention to. This kind of crap has gone on long enough in my opinion. I would rather spend my time with those who don't know God and treat others with respect regardless their life choices, than to spend time with those who think they are God themselves and tear into people just because they think they can.


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