Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Divine Inspiration

I think sometimes that in order to write a blog, I must become inspired, either in thought or through events that take place in my life. And maybe it’s that inspiration that motivates me enough to write and may sound more interesting to my readers. I have this quiet hope that someone out there, or whoever reads my heart, will become touched in some way or another. It’s quite encouraging to me that Father will use me and how I am growing in Him to encourage others. I definitely hope this is so; I never want to come across judgmental, harsh, or brutally wrong to anyone. However, I don’t also want to feel bound in any way or to lose the voice that God has given me to speak my heart out loud. Sometimes for me it is easy to go off on a whim about something that is bothering me and in those times I am a little more dramatic than normal, but I think its fine to speak my mind. God didn’t give me these divine inspirations to just keep them buried beneath the surface of my heart, no; in fact I now know that through the heart, the mouth speaks, and so that is what I do and have no shame in doing so.


Mike said...

I had a guy once call on me and complain to my boss that I was rude because of something he heard me say on the scanner. Hello??

Seems to me that if it's your blog and your whim, if someone takes offense, then well....you know. Too bad.

You only have one person and one deity to satisfy. Everyone else are merely spectators.

Walking Church said...


It is an early Church principle that needs to be applied today...I think in some traditional settings, most are hiding behind masks...and lying as to how well they are when deep inside they have issues/problems...some are little bruises while others are hideous consuming cancers. The principle = is that of being transparent and being vulnerable...willing to offer up (childlike) our struggles and trials (weaknesses) and bearing witness that Jesus alone has been faithful in transforming us.

We must boast of Him alone. We must boast of the victories in our life that He has done. By doing this it encourages us to press into Him who is our life more! It is a win/win...no one looses. This is the Holy Spirit's superglue that permits us to be united in The Father, The Son and the Saints.

Jesus' glory is shone like light into a very dark void called this world.

I have been encouraged by your honesty - I am pleased that you are learning things that alluded me for many years. You are wise for being so youthful! [ ~8) giggle, I can get into trouble for saying the 'o' word]

His Spirit is teaching you well. Continue to press in for more so we all might be victors in Him.

Erin said...

I agree with Mike...you say what you need to say. I love your voice.

Amy said...

Ooooh! Your voice, your words, your posts my sister are ALWAYS wonderful. And I'm not just "saying that." It's so, so true Nicole. I love reading the thoughts and feelings within you here at your site. I honor, love and dearly enjoy hearing about you and what is stirring in your heart and mind.

Keep up the wonderful posting!

~Amy :)
Author of "Orphaned Into Belonging"

Joel B. said...


I've found that one of the neat things about blogging is that it's given me the opportunity to share my thoughts and also interact with others who are 'working out' their own journey/salvation as well. The opportunity to share my thoughts has been cool, but by far the best part has been the interaction with others.

When I started out, I didn't know if anyone would read what I wrote, never mind the friendships that have evolved! And along with all that, I've really truly grown through all of this, in ways that definitely wouldn't have happened if I'd been timid and kept all my thoughts to myself, and not allowed myself to be put under a microscope of sorts, with iron sharpening iron and all that.

I think what I'm saying is that sharing your heart can be a great way to grow and mature, especially when there are others who can relate or who can share different thoughts in a loving way.

Nicole said...

Thanks guys for such graceful encouragement... Deep down, I know my voice is being heard and that blesses me to be able to be who I am with nothing to hide and to be accepted at the same time by those who are experiencing and developing their relationship with Father along side me!

I am truly blessed by you all!

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