Thursday, April 9, 2009

Resurrection = LIFE

As Resurrection Day is vastly approaching; I thought it would be appropriate to write about what I find to be the most important thing about Resurrection Day weekend. I find it odd that it seems like a lot of believers glorify His death over His life He has given to us. It is easy to get caught up in how He died, and how gruesome His death was. I find why people seem to be attracted to His death over Him coming alive again. It seems that it is another guilt trip to get all bent out of shape over and to feel really horrible because He did not deserve any of which He suffered. I totally see how that can be hard to not give attention to, however, it seems that in every movie, play or anything that I have seen around this time of year is always focused on the death and rarely emphasizes on Him coming back to life, hence the resurrection of Jesus. Like in Passion of the Christ, the entire film was about what happened leading up to Jesus dying on the cross and the biggest scene of the movie was Him dying on the cross, and only showed a brief part of Him rising from the dead at the very end scene! I sense that this focus seems to be a bit off. I am in no way disregarding what Jesus suffered for us; however, I think the entire thought of Him dying would have been for nothing if He wouldn’t have come alive again. He died so that we may live, but that doesn’t mean that He is still dead, He was raised up and for our sake so that we may have a real live relationship with Him. It is something that doesn’t get enough attention in Christian circles today, so it seems. His life is something I thrive on. His life is the reason why I live today. It wasn’t just because he died, but because He lives.

The word, Resurrection means:

1.the act of rising from the dead.

2.(initial capital letter ) the rising of Christ after His death and burial.

3.(initial capital letter ) the rising of the dead on Judgment Day.

4.the state of those risen from the dead.

5.a rising again, as from decay, disuse, etc.; revival.

6.Christian Science. a rising above mortality through the understanding of spiritual life as demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Found on

Other words that I have found that are in correlation to the word, Resurrection: rebirth, revivification, reappearance, restoration, renewal, resurgence, revitalization. All of these words are about life, not about death… It is the reason why He died is to bring us life in Him. I find that His life is something that needs to be reflected on and I want to take it all in this weekend when I ponder on His life that He has given me, and be eternally grateful and honored that He calls me His.


Sue said...

I think the emphasis on his death is because (a) more people can believe that he died than that he rose again and (b) we are so childish in our faith that we get stuck on the whole "I'm undeserving, Jesus was my sacrifice" focus that we can altogether miss that he didn't come to sacrifice himself for God's sake but for ours. I know it sounds like messing with silly small distinctions, but I really do believe that so many people never get out of that mindset. And so it keeps you within a religion like all the other old ones, just that this god is a little bit nicer because he came and sacrified for the mean god himself instead of leaving it up to us to do.

I don't know if I'm explaining myself. I just feel like the whole Easter story is often looked at from that position, which really gives you a little bit more room to move but not a whole stack, considering in the end, you're still left with a god who is untrustworthy.

And the Resurrection is just so trippy that I wonder if some people aren't sort of embarrassed about it, maybe? As if they're caught reading fairytales.

But the Resurrection is the best most trippiest bit and changes everything, changes our hearts! I'm with you, Nicole, it's weird that it's treated that way, but I can kinda understand it. What excites me is how many people in the world of blogging are experiencing real life - like you, I can see it in your posts :) It's all quite awesome. I think I need to go away and think about it a bit. I'm stuck in Good Friday feeling sorry for myselfness today.

Nicole said...

Wow, awesome thoughts Sue! I never really thought from those angles before about why believers may think this certain way about resurrection day... It does seem true though, unfortunately!

Thank you Sue for building me up... I am glad that you are getting something out of my blogs! Father seems to speak through me, and I am willing to share!

You have a great and amazing gift of deeply understanding things... I love that about you!!!

Take care my friend and have a great weekend! :)

Sue said...

You're welcome. And yes, I do think Father God speaks through you. Thanks for your words. I needed to hear that on that particular day :)

Whoo! Risen! :)

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