Saturday, April 4, 2009

Holy Spirit Speaks

This post is referring to a comment that was left a couple of posts ago in regards to why I don’t reference scripture. First of all, I have to be completely honest with everyone and anyone who feels welcome to come here and read what my heart has to say! I base my relationship with Father God not strictly on what the bible says… He is more real to me than what the bible says… To me, the bible is just a reference, and of course truth exists in the midst of it, however, life with Father is much more than words to me, or stories from long ago. He is a living being that desires life with me, and I find that to be very real outside of reading or referencing scripture… There are times of course that Father will bring a scripture or verse to mind, but, I depend more on the living nature of God, meaning the Holy Spirits words that are spoken directly to me from Him. Some may find this to be dangerous, but, if I am correct His word and the words in the bible do not and will not contradict each other because they are the same. He is the same today, tomorrow and for eternity! Father has so much to tell each and everyone of us, if we only will wait and listen to what He is telling us... I believe He does and will use the bible to speak to many, but, if we disregard His spiritual voice, than we may be missing a lot of what we can get out of being in relationship with Him! If you listen, He will speak!


Mike said...

You've touched on a very important point here Nicole; one that a lot of people tend to forget because they are locked in on how God "speaks to them".

For me, the truth is that God speaks to us in a language and manner that we can understand.

You keep right on going the way you're going cause you have an amazing grip on the journey

Nicole said...

Mike! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

I tend to speak from my heart and I know Father lives in my heart... If that is not enough for some, then this blog serves one purpose, and that is just to speak honestly and openly to anyone who is willing to take it as is! I am not about to just use scripture because some think I should... If Father gives me one to share, then so be it, and if not then... He can speak through me in different ways!

I think the whole point of God is not about certain issues, like using scripture or doing 'certain' things, its most definitely about being in relationship with Father, and if that is not noticeable in my life, than I think that should be the issue!!!

Sorry to go on and on! It is something that I needed to say!

Thanks for coming by!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Erin said...

A teacher I knew said "the Holy Spirit reminds us of what we already know", in other words, even if we have studied the Bible, we still can't possibly always remember chapter and verse, but the Spirit can remind us of what we have already learned about the character of God.

Nicole said...

Amen Erin!!! I think Father reminds me of scriptures I didn't even know I knew!!! Its what He does though!!! If I have a willingness to hear, he will speak!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Sue said...

You done got yourself a mature faith there, woman! :)

I love hearing about people who "walk with God" rather than "walk with their Bibles." That phrase, walk with God, is such a beautiful one. There's this sort of aroma that spreads out of people when they've got past the rudimentaries of the faith and have developed trust with the Father. Rock on :)

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