Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Strive For Light Continues Re-post

I am going to re-post a blog that I wrote once we first moved to Costa Rica… It talks about a dream I once had a long time ago when I worked at a coffee shop that was dark and filled with evil. Though I am relating it to where we are working currently. I am now beginning to better understand why we are called to work there and finish what we were brought there to do… May I just add that my co-workers that I work with now are people who I trust and admire! Things have changed since this was first written for the better! There are still many problems that are related to the administration and how things are run, but the truth still stands, the strive for light still continues where darkness is still evident!

A big thanks goes out to Don, who has inspired me to dig deeper and find purpose in situations that are hard to bear!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Strive For Light Continues

I have had some pretty bad jobs where the work environment becomes almost like a battle ground. It’s not the place, but the people in which I have worked with day in and day out. So it seems like the school we work for is very much like this. There are people who will go the extra mile to stab us in the back even when we never have done anything to them personally. I try to go the extra mile to smile and be nice and loving even though I know they are being pretty defiant or evil in many ways.

I remember when I worked at this coffee shop in college; there were more than just people battles, but also spiritual battles going on as well. I would have dreams about it! The coffee shop was located in this very ancient building called the Val Verde. It was an old Hotel and Restaurant. There were many corrupt things taking place while I worked there. The owners and managers had some huge financial problems, and my managers tried to fire me a few times for absolutely nothing. Yet Father was there and protected me from those who saw my light and wanted me gone. I felt Father telling me at the time that I was the light in that place. I had many costumers come back to the coffee shop just because I was working there. I did what I could to not let the darkness and crap be noticeable to my valued customers. Since the building was so ancient, it was known to be even haunted. My dreams correlated with the spirits that lived there. One dream is still very vivid and real in my memory. I went to the coffee shop to work one day, and saw these spirits dressed in long black robes. I looked at them not in fear but in boldness and told them to look me in the eyes, and they couldn’t. The minute I tried to look at them, they ran away in fear. So, I chased them, and once I caught up to one, I grabbed its cloak and it turned around and I yelled, ‘look at me’. Then, poof, it immediately disappeared. There was such a darkness there that at times I was hesitant to go back and I just wanted to give up because the evil there had become very heavy and hard to deal with. But, once I had this dream, Father gave me confidence that nothing would harm me and that darkness could not withstand the light.

It’s been very apparent that some at the school have bad intentions towards Jonathan and me. But my goal is to love where love is absent, and through it all, love will prevail. We have asked and wondered why we are put in these kinds of situations, but I think it’s because through stuff like this, we learn and grow and spread love and light to where it is absent. Even if that is all we accomplish down here, I believe that this experience has served its purpose!


Aida said...

Nicki, I know this is an old post but thanks for sharing it. It has really spoken to me in a situation that I'm in. I've gotten off of love big time but I'm finding my way back there. Your post is another encouragement to stay with love even when everything in me wants to get into anger and hurt.

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