Monday, March 10, 2008

CONFLICT- How Far Will It Go?







Bino B. Manjasseril said...

Then, others can take up from there...

Nicole said...

I was just experimenting with pictures! Like a story or something! It was fun to do!

Nicole said...

Although a pretty sad analogy! :(

Joel Brueseke said...

Nice series of pics to describe what can happen with conflict!

On the other hand, if there are mature people involved, there will still be conflict but it can be handled much differently (hopefully). No two people are going to agree on everything, and if people in conflict come in to it with the understanding that the person with the opposing view is not the enemy, then conflict can lead to some great things, and not bad things.

I've found that being real... being myself... leads to conflict with other people. That's both sad and it's also a good thing. It hurts, because I'm opening myself up, and even if people don't 'get' me or if they disagree with me, I would hope that they would still love me and accept me, and not get worked over what I've said but rather would just calmly share their views.

If I've found mature people to discuss things with (as I've found through the friends I've made through many of these blogs), then we can have open hearted discussions in which nobody gets hurt. :) I love those types of conversations!

I'm sure this isn't where you were going with your picture experiment...LOL... but thanks for letting me share!

Nicole said...


Please oh please feel free to share your heart regardless of what others think! That is not at all where I was coming from in this, but just playing around with pictures and these pictures represent something that 'could' happen in anything, and it wasn't pointing at anybody but was just something I was thinking about! It has nothing to do with what is going on in other blogs at all. Conflict I understand hardly leads to death, but the pictures seem to fit together pretty good! I have been thinking about it and I love to use pictures to express ideas, no matter what they are!

Please don't take offence. It was not pointed at you at all or anyone!!!

Thanks for commenting and feel free to express your ideas and thoughts no matter what brother!

Love and Freedom, Nicole!

Bino B. Manjasseril said...

In the 4th picture the guy who is wearing that black leather jacket looks exactly like Joel! LOL! Just kidding!

What I was trying to say in my first comments, Then, others can take up from there... is this:

Once the conflict between two ends in death, others can take up the same conflict from there and then others and then others and go on until Jesus returns. :)

Anyways, I think I didn't make much sense.

I would agree with Joel that healthy ('healthy' is underlined and bold) conflicts can lead to good things. I am on the side of people expressing their thoughts openly instead of suppressing it inside. Paul and Peter didn't agree on everything so who can even think that all of us can agree to each other all the time. People expressing their agreements/disagreements openly is a sign of healthy relationship...

Nicole said...


Good Thoughts! I tend to agree with you! I am not at all saying that I think all conflict leads to death, but its the anger that roots from conflict that can become pretty nasty if you know what I mean!

My husband would agree that in most relationships whether its a marriage, or a good healthy friendship with the same sex, they must have conflict in order for the relationship to grow stronger, and through those storms, you will be able to see whether or not the relationship can servive and grow, or fall apart, that in part takes a lot of vulnerability to be breal and honest with others, and then you can see if your friends are your true friends or not!

I have learned first hand as to what real friendship looks like! My best friend from childhood is still my good friend, and we have been through some physical encounters-striking each other, but resolved the quarrels and laugh about it to this day! So it just depends on the person I guess and how dedicated they want to be in any relationship.

Good Thoughts!

In Freedom, Nicole!

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