Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beyond Words

I was going through some blogs and I ran into several things that really mean something to me and make me think, so I thought I would share them here, because to me, they are worth quoting again!

“The more you get somebody away from their heart, the more they can be controlled.”
- Quoted from Aida's blog, written by Darin Hufford

"All your faces I can see; you all think it’s about me -- I'm about to break. This is my fate. I am still damned to a life of misery and hate. You will never know what I've done for you; what you all put me through...I do it for you."
- Quoted from Matthew Campbell

"Love God and don't be an asshole" - Quoted from Erin's blog, written by Dianne Sylvan

“When it becomes impossible to manipulate an individual through the exploitation of fear due to the reality that this individual is no longer afraid.....life changes for such an individual...radically changes.” - Kent Burgess

“How often do we miss a blessing, because we only see it as a curse?” - Amy

“What we call 'mistakes' He calls growth, growing up, continuing to grow up in the grace and true knowledge of Christ and His love.” - Quoted from my blog, written by Rich

Thank you to those who had inspiring words to share! I am devouring them~


Daveda said...

It is wonderful what learn from each other when we stop needing to be the one with all the answers and just listen.

I love that you shared this. Thanks. I may do this some time too :)

macdadyj said...

I love you babe.

Nicole said...

Daveda, it seems like I learn so much by just listening to where people are in their journey's and the things I hear along the way! I know they are not just words, but bring so much more meaning to my own life. I think Papa speaks to me through others quite often!

Jonathan, I love you too my darling!

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