Friday, January 11, 2008

GPS Journey – God’s Positioning System-

For Christmas, I received an amazing GPS-TomTom. I was thrilled to actually be able to find my way around the huge city I live in and not get lost! What a thought that is. I am usually pretty bad with direction so instead of the old map quest site I would go visit; I now count on Mrs. TomTom, (a nickname that fits it pretty well I would say) to guide me through the crazy maze of a city that I live in!

Just recently, I was talking to Jon, my husband about our possible move that we may be doing shortly and we were questioning what Father might be saying to us about the move. I came up with a good analogy…

God is like a GPS, if you start going the wrong direction, God will re-route you to where you are supposed to go even if its on another path than where you originally started!

If I trust him… Now, back to the GPS for a second… Sometimes if I allow my GPS to lead me and guide me, I should trust it to take me where I am wanting to go, but sometimes it is easier to think that I am right or have a better route than the GPS and decide to go a different way and get lost, but the GPS usually always finds a way to get me where I am wanting to go regardless what corner I turn. Same goes for Father, I think if I would trust him and allow him to get me where he wants me to go, than I just let he guide me. This is even true when we think we know best for ourselves and go with something that came from us, Father always seems to get through to us some way or another and corrects our path or puts up warning signs along the way to keep us from getting lost our hurt along the Journey!!!!!!

So, TRUST in your God’s Positioning System wherever he may be guiding you!


Aida said...

Great analogy, Nicki. It's true. We may take a few detours in our journey or even get a little lost but Father is always there to make sure we arrive exactly where he intends for us to be. Thanks for the encouraging thoughts. I love your blog.

I've never heard of a GPS-TomTom but it sure sounds like it would be a helpful item to have.


Kent said...

Nicole, that is a great analogy as Aida says. Without fail, He goes where we go and at all times is at work to accomplish his purposes in us.

Laurie said...

Hey Nic - I agree, what a great analogy -- "God's Positioning System"!

Great job on your blog! You always amaze me.

Mom :)

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