Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What's The Reason?

Today on The View, my favorite talk show on TV, they were talking about church. It was funny because two of the women are Christians, Sherry and Elisabeth, and I am not sure where the other two women stand in their faith, Whoopi and Joy. Anyway, Whoopi was saying she doesn’t get much out of a church service but only the dancing during praise and worship, and she feels like she may hear God more outside of the walls in the middle of nature or something like that than in a building. Joy, the red head, she doesn’t go just to go because everyone else who professes to be a Christian goes, and most churchgoers get on her nerves. While Elisabeth and Sherry talked how they love and promote going to church to everyone. It is crazy to see all different sides of this, and how they are all in different places even if they aren’t in a place with Father.

For me, I think the whole point is finding a reason and a purpose to go and when one can’t find that reason or purpose, what’s the point? I used to attend because, first, I was brought up in going, and attending since I was born, and secondly, if you are a Christian, you go to church, end of story. However, I don’t think that is the case, there has to be a reason behind it and if one can’t find it, then why go? Wouldn’t the reason be Father, but what if when one goes, all the other activities and agenda’s fog up even the sight of Father? I think if the focus becomes more about “church duties” than on a relationship with Father, I don’t see the reason for attending and I won’t do something if I know it is taking the place of Father in my life.


Aida said...

Nicki, I love your thoughts on this. I agree. Going for the sake of going or because it's Sunday is not good enough reason to go.

As you know, I still take my regular place on a pew Sunday mornings. I go to be with my family and also because it gives me an opportunity to connect with other believers. Of course, there really isn't much opportunity for real relationships to develop but it is an open door that allows me at times to build a relationship away from the building.

For the most part, the meeting itself really is a distraction from my relationship with Father so I find I have to tune out what goes on and focus my attention on him or on the people in the pews. If I didn't do that I know I would leave in worse shape than when I came in.


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