Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Big Religion and Big Government

I am probably going to be stepping on some toes in this post, but I just couldn’t help it. After watching the outcome of Super Tuesday it got me all fired up for some reason. Usually when one talks about religion or politics there is usually smoke in the air from the flames coming from some peoples heads, but if you talk about both, politics and religion in the same conversation, warning, their may be a forest fire starting very soon.

As I use the term (big government) I probably give away that I am a republican and believe in small government vs. government control because I believe that we the people can make decisions on our own without the governments input. It isn’t the government’s responsibility to take that away from the people who have rights to decide what is right for them (us). If we give the government an inch they will take a mile or more and that to me is a real problem and that scares me. I blame my husband for such conviction and thought when it comes to politics because he is a real hardheaded republican and gives it much attention. For a while, I would just sit on the sidelines not really having an opinion or giving it much thought, but my husband influence has driven me to the point of actually writing about politics on my blog (go figure).

Religion can look scary to me as well, it portrays to me bondage that deprives me from the liberty that I can have with God. It’s a certain bondage that doesn’t allow freedom in having a relationship with Father and succumbs to obligation or bondage to any laws that reign or take precedence over sharing a relationship with Father. Religion is all about the “me factor” and how well “I” am doing to gain more points in God’s eye than just being who I am for God without keeping track of points and sins. Religion also portrays a sense of having to be responsible for our fellow brothers and sisters. Having accountability partners so man can keep me inline instead of God and having to take on the responsibility to keep an eye on Christians just in case they slip up.

Religion is a lot like the Federal Government. They both are control freaks. They want to take as much away from a person as they can and declares that “they” know best. They portray a sense of wanting others to have a full dependency of trust in the laws they proclaim to be laws and what is or isn’t illegal. Religion or the Federal Government aren’t looking out for my best interest but in the interest of them and takes all the honor and power away from God. Religion and Government in every turn from this point on has rubbed me the wrong way, and will continue to do so.
How does this rub you?


Aida said...

Nicki, I see control as a major factor in all man made systems. I work in the education system and they tend to be heavy with rules too. Whatever the system, it only knows how to operate by rules.

While that line of thinking may be understandable for some systems, it definitely is out of place in the church. You're right about accountability groups. Their intent may be good but they can easily become another method of keeping the people in line.

Instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to lead His people, men have usurped his position and now lead and control. I think that's the reason why today's church is for the most part very apathetic. We've not been given the freedom to hear directly from God's Spirit without a man to interpret.

That's why I feel it's so important for us to learn about grace and the freedom that Jesus bought for us. We have it all but we've been in ignorance all of these years so we've lived as stepchildren of a stingy God.

it's only as we learn about that freedom that we'll be able to live as true sons and daughters of a loving Father.

Well, Nicki, you've got me all riled up too. Maybe that's what it'll take. More of God's people refusing to live in bondage any longer. Thanks for the great post.


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