Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seeking His Face In What’s To Come!

The past couple of days my hubby made plans to go visit a friend who is about to be shipped to Iraq for his last mission as a marine. Jonathan made plans to meet up with two other friends and leaves tonight. Before the plans were complete, I found out that I had most of today off through Monday, which means I would have a lot of time to go and hang out with my Family while he went to see his friend. However, it couldn’t work because I already had prior commitments to baby-sit this weekend and couldn’t cancel. So, as was planned, Jonathan left this morning. Lets just say, I was a little flustered about not being able to go. Well, today, I got off of work at noon, and just as I was driving home, I got a phone call and my babysitting plans got cancelled due to some illness in the family. Well, I found this out about two hours after Jonathan left. We have another vehicle, but it’s a gas-guzzler and unpredictable. I was uncomfortable traveling for eight hours by myself, and I felt a nudge from Father to stay. At first, I was really upset because of barely missing a free long weekend back home with my family. After my anger subsided, I calmed down and figured Father had another plan for me this weekend. Still don’t know what He is going to do with me in these empty five days ahead of me. It kind of seems a little liberating not having a ‘plan’. By nature I am a planner and love to know what I am going to do and what is expected to happen, however, Father is taking that away from me I believe, and has a plan that I don’t need to know about until it is already underway. Maybe he will give me a little heads-up, but we shall see.

Father, let your will be known to me, and the time I have to be spent wisely in You. I want nothing else than to know that I am doing what I feel I am led to do by You. I know you have a purpose of making plans for me to stay home, and I am okay with that. Even if you don’t have a precise plan for me in the next couple of days, let me find You and rest in what I find to do. Love You Abba!


bob said...

Dear Nicole

I can hardly wait to hear what Father has for you this weekend.
It sounds a little bit like Father wants you to walk by faith (no plans or knowledge of what is going to happen) and not by sight (everything planned).

I discovered many years ago that when things are planned, we do not leave room for the Spirit to work in our lives.
A perfect "Christian" example is church services (you've probably never been to one like this).
Opening song-
Call to worship scripture reading-
Prayer (tell the Holy Spirit He is welcome and ask God to be with us)-
Two songs (one old hymn, one new chorus)-
Announcements (usually longer than the sermon)-
Continue to worship God with our tithes and offerings-(praying that God will multiply it and use the money for His work)-
One song-
Prayer for the pastor that His words will be God's words-
Beepers go off on everybody's watches (Noon)to wake them up 'cause it's time to go home-
But first-
One more song (with some words in it that were in the sermon you slept through)-
Closing prayer (to ask God to be with us all week and help us to live good Christian lives and bring us back to meet with Him next Sabbath).

I've already guessed what you're doing Sunday morning. You probably can't wait to get there.

I'm obviously not a church service lover. There is never any room for the Spirit to work. I cannot see any benefit from them. I would prefer to do what Alvin is doing at meeting of one.
Some will say that the Spirit can work wherever He wants when He wants and that is true but our services do not encourage that. We are afraid we may lose control.

I only attend church because my wife wants me to. I have, however, met 2 men there who are seeking God and who are spiritually minded. So now my purpose is to come alongside and be a companion on their journeys.

Enough of my rambling about church (I call it OREC - Organized Religious Entertainment Centre).
Like the lady on Jim's (Palmer)blog (bombs away)I have become cynical and jaded. I can also start to get angry when I hear some people's stories of what the church did to them. There is a book by Angela Kiesling called "Jaded" that you might enjoy reading.

Anyway, I hope you you have a wonderful weekend with Abba Father.
I know as you spend time with Him that He will bless you.

Blessed by Him

Anonymous said...

Grab a red eye to see ya in Belmont...giggle.

Nicole's Godblog said...

Bob! or (BAWB)!

WOW. What a great way to look at how the Spirit works. He usually doesn't work like we hope or expect when things are planned out to the tee, because you can see who is in control. I love that! I understand how church services work, they are completely planned up to the point of when you leave. Well, I don't want to get your hopes up, but I will not be attending a church service on Sunday, LOL! Instead I hope Father opens the doors to some fellowship outside the church walls, anytime this weekend actually! I am just waiting on Father even if that means with no plans! Its a good place to be in, and I am blessed this weekend even if I was a little angry at first, I have to embrace Father and his will, he surely works in myserious ways, thats for sure!

Actually I would love to find some people who just want to hang out and fellowship with some good food or coffee or something. Kinda like what Alvin is doing! I have been looking online for some fellowships like that in my area. My mom sent me this link that has a list of fellowships in my area that are kind of (outside the box of organized religion). I emailed one person about their fellowship and see where that goes! It will be interesting what Father is going to do there! Also, yesterday I was trying to get ahold of some of my friends to see if they would want to hang out and it seems like they are either out of town, or not available to hang out. So, I think Father is trying to keep my schedule wide open for this weekend or something!

Anyway, here I go again, rambling on and on!

Thanks again for stoppingin Bob!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Nicole's Godblog said...

Hey Al. I would absolutely love too! However, I have doggies who need to be fed and looked after! UGGG!

Think of me while you are doing exactly what I hope and wish I could be doing! LOL!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Bino B. Manjasseril said...


What a great way of living life, allowing Him to do what He has in mind. I was never a good planner before my marriage. But after the marriage and especially after kids, I was forced to plan things. It is always a big stress for me and more than that when things don't go according to my plan, I get frustrated. It is a blessing to take things lightly. Allow the One who is living in us to guide, direct and lead.

Even if you don’t have a precise plan for me in the next couple of days, let me find You and rest in what I find to do.

Thats a beautiful prayer! It shows the sign of a trust relationship.
Grate post! I love its simplicity.

Aida said...

Hi Nicki,

I can relate to this. I'm a planner by nature. I love to plan and have things all laid out. I can be pretty unflexible when things don't go as I've planned.

I'm learning, however, to let go of my plans and just ask Father to show me what he will be doing that day and how I can cooperate with him. My job is unpredictable so I usually don't know until I get there what I'll be doing and sometimes I don't like where I'm assigned. When that happened, I can get annoyed and stressed.

Now, I've started asking Father to help me to be at peace no matter where I'm assigned. Since I started doing that, I'm experiencing peace. Today, I already knew one of the classes I was going to have would be stressful so I asked Father to help me to be at peace no matter how they behaved. Well, he gave me wisdom to know how to deal with the problem when it began and everything ended up just fine.

Slowly I'm learning to give up my plans to him and see him work in my day. He did some other really neat things which just made this day special.

So just be prepared. I'm sure he's got something really special and totally unexpected planned for you too.


Nicole's Godblog said...

Aida! Bino! Wonderful thoughts!

Its a working and learning process that I am going through just trying to find rest in Him for whatever He has planned or not planned, either way I can trust that He will lead me and guide me into what He has for me, even if its not at all the way I think it should be or want it to be! (harder said then done)

Love You ALL!

In Freedom, Nicole!

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