Monday, April 7, 2008

A God Who Understands…

Every human has a pain, a hurt in their lives in one form or another. It fluctuates with different circumstances and people. However, it seems clear to me that no matter what religion, what belief system one is under, most seem to cry out to God. The only reason that I can gather from this, is because, people seem to grasp that ‘God’ can understand pain, and knows what it is like to feel pain, and even if people don’t believe in God, they seem to cry out to him in times where they have felt the worst pain ever.

Even if we see something on TV or in a movie where someone is dealing with grief and pain, we somehow can relate to their pain. That pain in someone else whether it is real or not, touches us all humans regardless where they stand in life, we somehow seem to hold all the same feelings. Yet what I question is, how can every diverse person on earth feel the same things and sometimes even think the same way with their pain! Is it maybe because we are all connected as humans?

It is so interesting to me how pain can keep root in people for their whole lives. Pain sometimes produces in early childhood through adulthood and older. And in that pain we let it just sit within us, never shining any light on what is killing us inside or what we are hiding behind. I think that is a huge part of why some are so fake and so afraid of showing their real selves is because their pain will be found and exposed. It hurts to show it, but through detoxifying the pain, we become free from the bondage of being alone and feeling left with only our pain to comfort us in some weird way.

I have dealt with pain in my life, and through sharing my pain with people it has brought me to where I am with people today. I am not afraid of exposing my pain and being aware that others have dealt and felt the same as I and I know that there are thousands upon thousands of people on this planet who has dealt with the same type of things I have, and with knowing that why hide behind my pain and not take the risk of living organically and real?

I know that Father understands my deepest pains and I know in my heart, that all who feel pain know that there is a higher power (God) who can help them even if they don’t even believe… I can’t even start to comprehend the meaning behind this action, but it is something that seems certainly more complex than the human mind can ever understand.

But God understands, so maybe that is all that really matters.


Bino Manjasseril said...


how can every diverse person on earth feel the same things and sometimes even think the same way with their pain! Is it maybe because we are all connected as humans?

You are a universalist, aren't you?

:) Just kidding!

I agree, people hide their wounds because they hate to be exposed. This is more real in case of male gender. God has given a good medicine for pain: tears. I have experienced relief after shedding tears but as a stubborn person who hate to be exposed, I often times hold my tears back and never release the pain. I have seen people breaking into tears as they share their hurts with others. Yes, there is healing in tears as well as in sharing. It is overwhelming to see how much pain people carry with them which eventually produces hatred, depression and self pity if not dealt properly. Jesus invites us to cast all our burdens upon Him, we can be totally naked (emotionally) there sharing our deepest fear, pain and struggle.

One of the area I have seen a lot of changes in my own life is that I have been becoming increasingly sensitive towards people's pain. After hearing the news of a mother losing its baby due to premature labor, a three year old diagnosed with cancer, I feel depressed. I don't know why. Is that because of increased compassion? Or is it because of my lack of trust that I am unable to believe God that He causes everything for good?

Adam and Eve didn't like to be seen naked after they lost their connection with the Spirit. The Spirit of God enables us to be bold and authentic. Though we could mistake our true self as an impostor, the truth is that our true self is - Abba's child. I am in the process of figuring out what it really means. As I find more of that treasure hidden in Christ, I am being more vulnerable and sensitive, but bold!

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