Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Wins

Have you ever been at odds with someone? Someone who you have stepped away from for a while for whatever reason? I have. Never seemed like things between us would ever be the same, but perhaps I was wrong. There is a friendship that I have had with someone that I put the brakes on for a while. I set some boundaries with this person because I was going through some weird crap at the time that made me scared and felt too vulnerable to continue in the relationship! I will admit that I was scared and na├»ve and felt at the time I needed a change of direction in the friendship. It was stupid, but maybe, just maybe through that time of this friend’s absence, it made me stop and realize what I was missing. A person who wanted to be my friend, and out of fear, I rejected the offer. I didn’t think I was capable of such things, but I am. It is scary to think about what I am capable of sometimes. It was during the time I was going through the broken relationship that I had with my former best friend that made me realize that this other friend that I feel I was purposely putting aside, was supposed to be in my life. At the time I didn’t see this, I was in my own little world and trying to make peace with my decisions regardless of the outcome. It was out of this friend’s kindness and respect that made me realize that this is someone I want and need to be friends with. I felt like this friend went out of her way to be as gentle and kind to me even when I treated her badly. There is something about kindness and respect that is hard to ignore, and when I have been faced with the exact opposite of that, I immediately can appreciate the friend who went out of her way to treat me with love and kindness.


Anonymous said...

Very, very cool new insights and revelations Papa Son Holy Spirit has brought to your heart.

So, do you plan to call or contact this friend...or have you already? Just curious. Smiles :)

~Amy :)

Nicole said...

Hey, thanks for your curiosity... I have emailed my friend and am waiting for a reply... She recently said on facebook that she and her husband were thinking about wanting to get together with us, so, I am so blessed that Father has revealed this to me!

Praise Him!

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