Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Does It Matter?

I get the feeling that importance is pushed in many areas that perhaps in the long run, and in the end, they won’t matter. There seems to be many battles among people in regards to who’s right and who’s wrong, whose left or right, and all this figuring on what side of the fence people are on. I tend to think even that doesn’t matter what side you are on, or how you see differently than I do. I guess I am trying to look outside of the box and try to picture things differently, a way that evens the playing field, though perhaps with humans, this is utterly impossible. . I have a feeling God rarely sees things in the same perspective as any one of us. Though I do think He uses us in some way or another.

My thoughts in my blog have mainly pertained to my past experiences with religion and how it has been used in my life, and of course the healing grace and love that I am now seeing outside of a religion that I used to know. There were glances of love and grace, but few and far between glances that it was hard to even see and identify them. I’m just a 26 year old, with little to no experience about pretty much anything, but that which I write about, I do know a little bit about. I don’t ever assume to have it all figured out though, nor do I want to come across all knowing. But what I know and believe or what I am figuring out our questioning is something that only says one thing. I could be the only person on the planet to believe it or even care to write about it, but, I’m still one person that has a voice and who wants to share her thoughts and finds it exciting when I actually have something to write about. I enjoy writing immensely and find that if it helps one person; that to me is worth it all! And if it doesn’t help a soul, I still enjoy it just as much. My goal here isn’t to stir up contention and start world war 3 on my blog, but to be able to discuss issues and matters that I find interesting and want to share. I just find that my thoughts are scattered half the time, and when I write a blog and people take things from my blog and try to put a label on me and what I believe doesn’t quite do it for me. You just can’t label someone off of one piece of writing. It would be ludicrous to think that I can sum someone’s life up just by one thing they have said.

So with this said, if it matters that much to you to come and try to find fault in what I write about, then so be it! I welcome you, though I will tell you this, I am not much for debating, even if it’s about issues you find on my blog. You can ask my husband, I have always cringed when it came to debates particularly ones that have to do with God or religion, it’s just a topic I enjoy writing about and I find Father working these things out in me. So, you are more than welcome to come and share your perspectives and beliefs even if they are contrary to mine. I see no harm done in that. I’m beginning to realize that human perspectives, even mine never really amounts too much, and in the end, when all things are done, that is when the real truth and light with shine through!

Peace to you fellow readers -


L said...

You are taking the high road for sure! It's easy to get sucked into debates about politics and religion for me, and I am slowly learning that NOTHING good ever comes of them. I won't change their mind, and they probably won't change mine. I also try to "fight fair" and be respectful, and often those I debate withhold that courtesy, resulting in hurt feelings!
Live and let live, right?
I have been asking myself this: "In the grand scheme of things, does arguing about this right now even matter?"
The answer is a resounding NO. Always.

Nicole said...

Hey L. Glad you came by! You've made a very good observation about what debating and arguing leads to, and it rarely, if ever, produces anything good. Especially if our goal is to love.

As a little girl, I would have to sit through adults argue for HOURS over scripture and theologies, and since then I can tell you, I've hated it. It leaves people with these huge barriers between them, when they can't see that love is the solution and fighting and arguing leads people no where but on opposite sides of the room. That to me isn't love, so I try to avoid confrontation about large issues where I don't think anyone really has all the solutions to anyway!

Great thoughts!

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