Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Amazing What We Find Outside of What We Have Always Been Told

It’s interesting how dogma and a certain type of thinking are passed down from generation to generation. People, who have grown up and have been spoon fed a religion, are more than likely going to carry that on with them for the rest of their lives and then eventually pass it down to their children. Soon our beliefs are only what we have been told they should be and it seems like we don’t have the ability to search on our own and find our own way to truth. That would take too much work and risk. Religious dogma to me is like old baggage we carry on our back because we feel obligated to do so due to our parents, grandparents and other family member’s expectations. If we step away from that image and start looking on our own instead of relying only on what we have heard growing up, there is a risk associated with that in terms of perhaps losing relationships with family and friends and maybe we are even afraid of what we will find if we go off on our own. I think we even get to the point where we talk ourselves into this belief system because it’s familiar to us, and we are so comfortable that if we step out of it, everything will go haywire and become uncertain. Though perhaps that is what will bring us out of bondage. There are many voices out there telling us all sorts of stuff, people who we are close to, and others who we don’t even know. But who are the people we should listen to? What are the voices that will lead us to truth? I guess I am pretty certain that there is only one voice and one God who can lead us to truth, though it seems like we allow those other familiar voices to tell us how and what to believe.

I love this clip from the movie, Mona Lisa Smile where they are talking about art. It’s profound and has really helped me capture a sense of an open mind and not to always go with the status quo and what the ‘religious police’ always say.

This is when I begin to question all over again, who is God? What makes Him Good or bad, and am I capable of coming to somewhat of a conclusion on my own?

Perhaps knowing God is not like an outlined rule manual, but maybe he is much more than ‘they’ say He is and even profoundly different in many ways… Can we open our minds to a new idea of who he may be than what we have been ‘told’ to think?


Rich said...

I haven't seen that movie but now so want to, thanks for what you shared and the video clip, it spoke so much Life.

Maybe that is also what we are being asked personally, not who do men say He is, but rather, Who do you say that I Am?

Maybe at best most have only known him according to the paint by numbers approach, perhaps He's inviting us into the vast unknown of His love for us that so transcends mere canvas and paint?

Nicole said...

Oh and Rich, the whole movie is filled with treasures like this, its definitely a must see... It's about this teacher who goes to teach at an all girls school which happens to be one of the most traditional schools in the country in the 50's. She is one who doesn't want to fit the image and she does it amazingly. It's really has opened my eyes to how religious institutions and even educational systems are run today in many ways.

I can relate to this movie so much, it boggles my mind...

Nicole said...

And very profound thoughts Rich!!! I love them... I truly love what you said here:

"Maybe that is also what we are being asked personally, not who do men say He is, but rather, Who do you say that I Am?"

Jon Reid said...

Wow. I've never seen this movie, and that clip blows me away. I love the way you open this up to ask whether we are truly encountering something, or just repeating what we've been told.

Our church is reading through the book of Acts right now, and the sermon incorporates a fair amount of interaction with the pastor, with folks asking questions. But the questions seem tame to me.

I am amazed that no one has asked, "What is this 'gift of the Holy Spirit,' anyway? It is obviously a big, big deal to them."

Nicole said...

Ahh Jon, awesome to see you here bro! Haven't I seen you before? I just found you on twitter... Your thoughts are amazing as well!

I think we learn a lot when we question things. We may not come up with the answers we are wanting or expecting, but it always amazes me when I started to question what I have been told since I could remember and come to find that not everything I was told is true...

Erin said...

"It's not art until someone says it is...the RIGHT someone".

That is profound in so many ways, but when it come to religion, who says who gets to make the rules? That's what I've been asking myself lately.

Great thoughts, Nicole!

Nicole said...

Hey Erin!

I know what you mean, I know of people who think God has given them authority to in some cases, 'play God' and lay down the rules... Its not how it goes though and thank God there is only one God who I answer to...

Love your thoughts too friend!

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