Sunday, August 31, 2008

Making History Happen!

I have never been excited about politics, but for some reason I am very excited for the Republican presidential ticket up for vote this November. The McCain campaign’s choice of Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential nominee is a risky, yet intelligent move on their part. This is the first time that I have observed and appreciated a well thought out and executed strategy by the Republican Party.

Getting to know Sarah recently has been great; I have read and listened to her first speech, which has brought me great excitement and has caught my attention. I think that she is the perfect match and what we need in the Republican Party. She has more experience in politics than Obama, yet she is not as well known as Hillary in the political circles. I think her status is what will give her attention on the national political stage. She is definitely not a celebrity politician. My first reaction to this pick was asking, “who is she”; I think a lot of people have been asking the same question. She will bring a refreshing outlook and stance to the Republican Party as we get to know her better and hope to find that she will become the first woman in history to be our Vice President.


Amy said...

I agree! I'm excited about Sarah as well! I did a little reading of her...and I like her character, her values, her intelligence and her ideas.

~Amy :)

Aida said...

I was rather ho-hum about both candidates until I saw Mrs. Palin speak and I thought, "Wow! Now, I'm excited." Everything I've seen of her so far, I'm impressed. She seems to be a regular person that the average American can relate too.

It's unfortunate about her daughter but that's a situation thousands of American parents have to deal with.

I agree. John McCain made an excellent choice.

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