Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tapping Into My Heart!

Right now I am writing a blog…. A blog that contains where my heart is and what Father is saying to it. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed in thought with other things that have absolutely nothing to do with Father and my heart right now in this moment that I get completely sidetracked and never find time to tap into my heart and what Father is telling me… Sometimes I think it is okay to ‘relax’ and not feel like I always have to be in the moment, but I find that when I am in the moment, I am alive, and awake to the sensitivity of the Spirit, and when I am in this state of being, I find utter contentment and satisfaction of peace. I am beginning to give myself a break in regards to just allowing myself to find that moment whenever I do and not become so oppressed because I haven’t found that moment in a while. Learning how to live freely and hopefully find Father in the midst of my busy thoughtful life on other things. I don’t think that Father is up in heaven shaking his head because I haven’t given him any time in thought or find my heart in the moment, but I do think that He is there waiting patiently when I finally do come across my heart and where he is in it. God’s yoke is easy and his burden is light, but sometimes religion can take that verse and erase it, and I find that it’s that verse that allows me to rest wherever my heart is, and that I don’t have to feel like I can’t keep up with the Spirit, and I am always one step behind, but it tells me that Father is easy to find and has no angst against me because I haven’t found him in a while. What a blessing to know that being in relationship with the Lord is not a rat race, but a restful one and we can just be who we are and not have to do or act accordingly to what we ‘think’ is expected of us. Praise Him for rest!


Manuela said...

Amen Nicole, Praise him for rest! I was seriously thinking of the same thing this morning- how great His rest is! I think it's common for us to long for more moments when we experience him in a profound way... but it's all a journey. He's really the initiator, I believe. He makes himself known when he seems. And all along he's always with us- It's just all very amazing isn't it?
Love ya

Amy said...

I loved what you said here:

"God’s yoke is easy and his burden is light, but sometimes religion can take that verse and erase it, and I find that it’s that verse that allows me to rest wherever my heart is..."

~Amy :)

Kent said...

It's funny how things jump out at us as being profound. Before I had read any of these comments I had copied this from Nicole's blog post:

God’s yoke is easy and his burden is light, but sometimes religion can take that verse and erase it

Religion always takes that verse and locks it up to where it never becomes just hangs out there in space like so many other promises and just agitates us and annoys us.

Nicole, your post reminded me of something I have now been hearing from Father Son and Spirit moment to moment for a couple years now:

We'll go at your pace.

There's another thing religion will never let you hear...the God of the Universe defering to us instead of making us feel like we are never doing enough? Get out of here!!!!!!!

Yep, the Father, brother, and helper I am getting to know are interested/focused in the process/life and helping us find rest/freedom for our weary souls. They already know the outcome....they're in no hurry.

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