Monday, December 15, 2008

Escaping The Grip Of Guilt

Guilt is something that is hard to escape from for me at least. I always find myself falling into a guilt trap over things. I know that Father does not use guilt to bring us to repentance, but it seems that many think He does, and therefore that belief gives them the right to use guilt over others as a weapon to see conformity and or shame in order to make themselves feel better. Does it work though? Feeling the need to use this painful, and yet destructive force against others so they will feel better only damages the one who is pointing the finger … Do they really feel better in the long run? This way of feeling better about one’s self is short lived and does not last but in the moment of thrashing someone with hardened guilt. We seem to misuse guilt in our own lives. We make ourselves feel guilty for not ‘doing’ certain things, or not ‘doing’ what others expect of us. It’s pretty typical to feel this way, and it is so hard to break, but in order for us to break free from its binding grip, we must not allow guilt to touch us. Even if we do something that was not good, I think Father will use conviction for a change of heart instead of guilt, and yes I believe that there is a vast difference between the two. Guilt is basically drowning in our own sorrows over our wrong doings, and conviction is taking responsibility of our wrong doings, asking Father to forgive us, and MOVING ON! Easier said than done, but I know that for our own good, we must not allow guilt to rule, but grace and freedom from this bondage in our lives. I think guilt hinders growth and maturity in my spiritual life. If I am always stopped with a guilty heart, I can’t move on until I allow this guilt to flee. It is within in us and with Father’s help that we don’t live in guilt over anything no matter what it is because the more we do and the longer we stay there, the longer it will be until we return back to Father’s reality, which is grace and complete forgiveness, or in some cases just nonsense for making ourselves feel guilty in the first place. I no longer want to allow guilt to play a role in my life. It can really take a tow on my heart if I allow it, but I know that Father is setting my heart free from guilt’s grip and is reminding me daily that I don’t need it.


Sue said...

"Even if we do something that was not good, I think Father will use conviction for a change of heart instead of guilt, and yes I believe that there is a vast difference between the two."


Totally!! Reading your post I was reminded of that portion of scripture that talks about ... ahh, what is it? LOL Umm, it's something talking about worldly sorrow versus repentance sorrow, and the basic idea seems to be that we THINK the worldly sorrow is a useful kind of sorrow or something that God wants, when in the end it turns out to be something akin to inverse ego trips. Sort of. Because when I compare guilt and what it achieves in me to the conviction I feel from God - wow, the difference is just so vast isn't it? That conviction doesn't even feel like a negative thing, it feels like a gift. It doesn't make me drop my head, or my bundle. It makes me feel more loved than I did before the conviction came. How's that for the opposite to guilt, LOL.

Sigh. Having said all of that, I really struggle with it too. So much of it seems to be embedded inbetween my cells, you know? It just goes so deep.

BUT, hallelujah for being in places where we can recognise that it is a pointless enterprise :) Because I actually think that it's one of those things that, while its seeped its way into our very fibres, it's also often something easier to dislodge than we think once we recognise it. It's just the seeing part that seems to take so long!! :)

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