Saturday, December 13, 2008

Living Beyond My Feelings

There are some circumstances that come up where I either choose to react according to how I feel about the situation, and sometimes I am not as in tune to the Spirit as I need to be. Something came up today that brought me to question if my feelings held any valid weight to any decisions I make in my life! I know Father will use his Spirit to guide me in directions where I would rather not go, but it is necessary for me to explore His route rather than my own. I ask Father today to allow me to live beyond how I feel about things and trust Him in those situations and to do what is necessary to build my character in Father. Then after I prayed, my mind filled up with memories that were attached to the situation and my feelings wanted to get back the control. I don’t know if this applies to all situations, but I know for me, I am a feel doer, if you know what I mean. I don’t really keep record of the times I do things based on how I feel about them, but I know that I do that a lot. I consciously I want to make an ongoing effort to allow the Spirit to lead me and guide me in all directions even if my feelings aren’t on board. I sometimes seem to use my feelings as excuses and escape goats for getting out of things even if I don’t realize it! Or I find it even worse when I play like my feelings are justifiable in regards to what Father thinks. Sometimes I am WAY OFF! I think we all learn as we go, and if we have a desire to find out what Father wants, we also have a will to allow him to lead us not based on how we feel about things but based on the right directions we need to go that is for our own good. Easier said than done, but, I know that Father knows better than I do in all situations and to ignore Him based on how I feel is pretty much stupid. However, it’s definitely a learning process, and I am growing in the midst of letting my feelings go and holding on to the One who has my best interest in mind!


Amy said...

My dear sister, I absolutely love, honor and enjoy your heart-sharing here on your blog. You have a beautiful gift of pouring out your honest thoughts and feelings. My friend, you are NOT alone in what you have been thinking and experiencing, for I, too, can certainly relate to yours. Keep searching, seeking and walking with Papa Son Holy Spirit in the Journey. You are doing a beautiful job.

~Amy :)

Bino M. said...

First of all, I would say you are not unusual... We all do and believe things based on our feelings/emotions time to time.

I think living beyond our feelings is nothing but living according to the truth. Feelings may change, truth won't. The truth of who we are in Christ is not going to change. The truth of our righteousness in Christ, our life in Him, Him living in us. These things won't change regardless of how we feel.

Thank you for sharing your heart. Hope you will be able to make a come back to recognize the truth and live beyond what your feeler tells you...

Much grace,

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