Sunday, March 15, 2009

If Fear Didn't Have a Place

If fear didn't have a place, would anything be possible? I tend to think it would. I think fear really dampens our hopes and dreams, or even others who want to experience life with us. Can you imagine a place in time where nothing stood in our way to experience things in this world? Something that would bring out extreme freedom that we have never experienced before. I tend to think that we allow circumstances in this life to determine what we are okay with and what we will put ourselves up too. For instance, I am not a huge out doors person or a risk taker, but I think the reason that is, is because I am afraid of the possibility of things going wrong before they even happen. I set myself up for failure or carry fear that hinders the fun or experience all together. I would do anything to overcome this... I am not afraid to admit this, because it has really hindered many things in my life, and definitely has hindered the adventure side. I am beginning to be okay with not being good at things such as skiing, but I take it so seriously that when I fall, I feel like I have failed. It saddens me that I just can't have fun even if I suck at it! Does anyone have any thoughts that could encourage me? I feel like I am not cut out for things, and I give myself a hard time when I fail or not follow through on things I set out to do... Fear really sucks!

I want to be set free, nothing can hold me back now!
If only it was easier done as it is said.


Kent said...

Fear is a horrible prism through which to look as we venture through this world.

Only one thing changes that Nicole.

Lindsay said...

Fear is a crazy thing for sure! It can take charge of us in an instant and control us so easily.

God is revealing some areas that I have fear in... I really struggle to watch the news, any shows with any sort of violence like Law and Order SVU, lots of movies etc. I seem to make very real what goes on in the show and then it controls my mind for several days. Not sure what Papa is going to do with that but I do know he is doing something.... eventually leading to freedom in this area for me.

We also are moving to a new house in a few weeks and I know we will have to deal with scorpions as it is at the bottom of a desert mountain. With having two little kids to care for those little things produce such a fear in me! ick!!! I am reminding myself that no one in Arizona has ever died from a sting from a scorpion.

Bottom line I guess both my fears stem down to losing one of my kids. (be it through the crazy dangers in this world done by humans or done by crawling creatures) The Shack helped a lot with this but Papa's still got more to do in me.

Kent said...

Lindsay, have you ever read this from the author of The Shack? This is so profound.

Manuela said...

Fear feelings can be strong, and we can only turn to Grace. I think everyone has, at the very least, a small area where there is fear. It can be irrational and strong, I know, but Grace is stronger. I remind myself of that and also to not compare myself with other people. We are each unique in so many ways....special and dearly loved :) Someday, we'll REALLY get it! Thanks for sharing..

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