Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who Are We Kidding?

I have become dumbfounded by some statistics that are popping up about what I would call a misinterpretation of truth that modern Christianity has presented to the world. The number of church attendance has dropped tremendously in the past five years, and the way Christianity is seen by others is something we would be incredibly stupid if we ignore these facts and go on our merry little ways. The majority, meaning more than half Americans have a bad taste in their mouths about Christianity and Christ himself because of how Christians have represented Him. We have become so incompatible from God that the way we Christians live are opposite from how Jesus lived and represented His Father. We are only kidding ourselves if we think the majority of Christians are making any difference in this world. Here are unbelievers perceptions of who we are as Christians…

Perception: Christians say one thing, but live something entirely different.

Get Saved
Perception: Christians are insincere and concerned only with converting others.

Anti Homosexual
Perception: Christians show contempt for gays and lesbians.

Perception: Christians are boring, unintelligent, old-fashioned, and out of touch with reality.

Too Political

Perception: Christians are primarily motivated by a political agenda and promote right-wing politics

Perception: Christians are prideful and quick to find faults in others.

I would have to say if these perceptions are true of us, then I think we need to WAKE UP to reality and start living as Christ would and stop making a bad name for Him. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be known for our relationship with Father and the LOVE we have for one another and every single person than by these perceptions?

New Perception: Christians are transparent about their flaws and act first, talk second.

Cultivate love and relationships
New Perception: Christians cultivate relationships and environments where others can be deeply transformed by God.

Love Homosexuals

New Perception: Christians show compassion and love to all people, regardless of their lifestyle.

Not Sheltered
New Perception: Christians are engaged, informed, and offer sophisticated responses to the issues people face.

Respecting Any Political View
New Perception: Christians are characterized by respecting people, thinking biblical, and finding solutions to complex issues.

New Perception: Christians show grace by finding the good in others and seeing their potential in being Christ followers

What is it going to take to turn things around? A lot of re-thinking is necessary in order to move forward from the names the world has given us. We were created in God’s image, and are to be known for the love we have for one another…

Let’s do it together… Who’s with me?

To read more statistics and learn more about these perceptions, go to:


Mike said...

Hey Sis. This is a really important issue so I'm glad you brought it up here so let me chime in and give you my take on these items that you have posted.

The example you gave is probably one of the most popular but it goes further than that. Sometimes I have found that Christians don't practice what they preach and at the same damn time they're preaching it. How sad is that??

Get Saved
True. There are some who are so intent on converting, they lose sight of everything else. My favorites are the ones who can point out all the reasons that I'm going to hell.

Anti Homosexual
This piggy backs off of getting saved. This is the sexual sin to beat all sexual sins. God hates homosexuals, didn't you know that? Not to worry though. In about ten years, God will hate something else.

I think that this is a term that was coined simply because a better one could not be found. You can make the same accusations about Mormons, Muslims, Dopers, Rabbi's, Ivy League Graduates, Politicians and ... well you get the point. Boring is in the eye of the beholder. Unintelligent? C'mon, give me a break. One does not have to be a Christian to be old fashioned. I know some very "modern" Christians. Out of touch with reality?? Whose? I think that it's important that when words are being used to describe a group of people that they need to be qualified.

Too Political
I think the reason that this is here is nothing more than media hype. (1) The "dumb asses" get all of the press coverage. (2) Politicians have made a serious big deal about getting the Christian Vote so the "religion" of the politicians has come into play in the last couple of elections. In reality, Christians are no more or less political than anyone else. It depends on their interest level. As far as voting, it's everyone's responsibility so doesn't it make sense that Christians should in some way be "political"?

Yep...but no more or less than anyone else. The difference is that Christians are supposed to know better.

We clearly have a long way to go but on the other hand some of the misconceptions are misplaced.

Michy said...

Hi Nicole! I found your blog from your meetups page (I am the creator of Durango Social Networking). Love how you're thinking here and the challenges you are posing. Look forward to meeting you!


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