Wednesday, March 4, 2009

unChristian - Perceptions Introduction Video

Is this what the world really see's when they think about Christians and Christianity? I think this is sad, but true in a lot of ways, and I can totally see a lot of Christians in the same light! Christians have really misrepresented God on so many levels, its scary!


Amy said...

Yes. I saw this video on another blogsite, but it was good to re-watch it here. It is most certainly a True, yet incredibly sad reality, of how much of the world views Christians. Quite honestly, I can understand why they view Religious Believers as is. Sigh... It's not the people themselves, yet the whole dysfunctional beliefs, ways of living, deception and spirit that underlies Religion (the spirit opposed to that of God).

It is my deepest prayer that how I live my life will continually more and more reflect Love. Christ. Truth. Grace. Relationship.

As well, it's my deepest prayer more and more will wake up to Father's invitation to leave Religiosity, to see the deception in it, to see the harm and how it sours one's walk, "witness," and reflection of Christ to the world.

~Amy :)

Anonymous said...

“Christians have really misrepresented God on so many levels, its scary!”

“I will accept any comments, but will deny attention to those who desire to be degrading.”

I may be denied concerning my comments, but don't those two statements appear contradictory.

I will agree that there are those who "profess" in word only and those who are truly Christians that at times (some more than others) do not leave the best impression upon others. No doubt I have done it and may do it again at some point in time. (Certainly not intentionally) I also firmly believe that most likely no one on this site could say that at some time or other they haven't done the same. All stones left on the ground. I'm sure those who truly are His regret having done those things. Hey, even Peter himself did some things that even Paul had to rebuke him for doing. While I don't want to pick on Peter, that is encouraging for the rest of us to know that he, like us, is human.

When you think of it, all the apostles left a kind of "goofy" impression the night they abandoned our Lord. But, it would be unfair to say that "apostles" have left a bad impression upon the world.

I say that only help point out that the statement “Christians have really misrepresented God on so many levels, its scary!” might be better stated by saying, "There are some Christians who have really misrepresented God on so many levels..."

I think that to group all Christians in that realm is "degrading" to those who really are endeavoring not to do that.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Just a thought and comment.


Nicole said...

Amy, so true sister, it is such a sad fact that many Christians are stuck in the religious ruts and usually that is all that un-believers see! I think we have at one point in our lives have misrepresented Father, but, there is grace for all, and hope for the truth to show itself to those who don't know Father!


First of all, I think at times we all have said or done some things that have misrepresented God including myself, but a lot of Christians who I know will deny this to be true (talking for themselves). I know that this kind of topic makes people feel bad about themselves or uncomfortable, but really, this is NOT about them. It's about God, but when Christianity doesn't become about Him, then others only see us, without God. I think we all get caught up in religion and miss who Father is all together and when that happens, no wonder why UN-believers can only see the negative in Christian behavior. I don't feel like I have contradicted myself at all. I am just fine with you or anyone who disagrees with me, and that is perfectly fine, but, what that statement means on my blog that you quoted, was to those who are making personal attacks against me on a personal level. I don't believe that I am attacking anyone, but stating fact, and sometimes that is hard for some to swallow! I do appreciate your feed back!!!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Mike said...

Maybe this time, I'll get my comment in before I.E. locks up on me. Oh how I miss my Firefox at home!!

Nicole ~ Have you ever read the book? I recommend it to you. It is a very interesting read and quite eye opening.

I think it's important that we remember that nobody "human" has all the answers and certainly, nobody is anywhere close to being near to having a monopoly on truth. Everyone is somewhere on the path and occassionally, we happen to be standing in the same spot but more often than not, people are generally in different places.

I think that it's important to remember that the journey is equally as important as the destination. When I think that way, it's easy for me to remember that its not okay to tell someone that their journey is wrong.

Anonymous ~ It might be helpful for reception of your ideas if you didn't start out with pointing out the "apparantly" contradictory terms. Secondly, it is scary how some Christians have misrepresented - not only God but everything else. Now whether or not you like being lumped into that group or not really doesn't matter for the purposes of this post. Simply, if you represent yourself as a Christian to a young adult who has had nothing but negative experiences with Christians, you're one of them. It's not degrading, it's human nature; guilt by association.

What you will find about the author here is that she uses this blog to think out loud and share those thoughts when in reality, she often doesn't speak of what she does, she just does it. Therefore, there is no concern of which "group" she belongs.

Oh yeah, sorry Nicole..I know you can speak for yourself...I just couldn't help myself. :)

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