Sunday, March 1, 2009

Erasing Blog Posts Before They Are Written

Every time I usually think about a blog post, I am doing something away from my computer so that in order for me to ever write about what I am thinking about, I am dependent on my memory, and unfortunately, it fails more often times than not. I do a lot of thinking throughout the day and my busy mind gets wrapped up in other thoughts that relate to other things and these thought-patterns are known for their erasers. I always think, man, what was that blog post I was just thinking about, it would have been a good topic for discussion, and then, it’s gone. I would love to create a habit where I could always wear a piece of paper and a pen up my sleeve so when I come up with these brilliant blog post ideas, I could then write my ideas down and later when I get to my computer, I could write them. Oh, but wouldn’t that be too difficult!? Yeah, probably, but if I didn’t do this, then I wouldn’t have a list of awesome blog post entries that are just waiting to be written!

Does anyone have good ideas as to how to remember things such as blog post entries?


Sue said...

Pen and paper everywhere. I am always getting ideas and it doesn't matter how amazing it is, if i don't write it down it's whizzed off on the wind five minutes later.

I get annoyed because I get really good ideas in the shower. The running water fuels my creativity totally. I am seriously considering putting a waterproof whiteboard in my shower :)

Erin said...

What Sue said...or like me, I have a phone I can type notes on, so often I do that.

Write it on your hand, as a last resort.

Nicole said...

Ohh, I just figured out that my phone has a notepad and that is one thing I usually have on me constantly!

Thank you for that tip!

Erin said...

as long as you can type fast enough on it for the thought not to go out of your head. i have actually had that happen...

Manuela said...

haha... man, try having a 4 year old hanging on you all the time!
I just make lists of ideas wherever, and usually lose track of them, of course! but lists are still good-- they at least feel productive :)

Mike said...

Im sorry..I'm no help. I just forget and move on to the next one

Lindsay said...

Lol! This is totally me too Nicole! I can have something that hits me like an "ah hah" and I will think I want to blog on that and then when I go to blog it is either not there or I can't figure out the words/order and it is just not what it was! Sometimes I wonder if that is God allowing it to be within me until He's ready for it to come out? Who knows? But I have it happen most the time! :)

I agree with the waterproof whiteboard!! That would be perfect!!!! If only it was possible! :)

Sue said...

I'll let you know if I come up with a waterproof whiteboard idea, Lindsay ;)

Bino M. said...


Keep contemplating the idea until you get to your computer.

By doing so, you get 2 benefits:

1. You get more clarity on the initial thought and possible expand your thinking on it.

2. As you give exercise to your brain, its performance optimizes.


Joel B. said...

Ha ha! I can relate to what you're saying here!

So many of my blog posts just never get started. Or many times they end up differently than my original thoughts, because I simply lose my original thoughts!

A couple of tips... although these aren't necessarily tips as much as they are possibilities ---

Like others have said, pen and paper. I drive for a living, and I carry notepads with my in my van. Sad to admit this, but I often write notes while I'm driving. ;) If inspiration hits, I don't want to lose it!!!

But my second thing is that I carry a voice recorder with me as well. I've got literally hours and hours of myself recorded... most of which I'll never do anything with! It'll just sit there on my computer (transferred from my recorder). But at times I do actually sit down and transcribe my recordings, and several of my blog posts have come from that.

I used to get pretty overwhelmed with all the notes I've taken and recordings I've done, wondering how I'd ever organize it all and communicate it to others. But now I simply rest, knowing that even if I never share it with others, it was all part of the ongoing process in my mind that's gotten me to where I am now, and that's a good thing. :)

Nicole said...

Hey all, thanks for the comments and help!!! It is such a nice thing to know that I am not just the one who forgets, and I have many helpful brothers and sister who help along the way!!!

Joel... I am totally going to by a voice recorder... That is a brilliant idea and something I can see myself using a lot! I already talk to myself out loud so why not record it! LOL!

Anyways, thanks again for all the wonderful ideas and support!

Love you all!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Sue said...

Joel, I have a voice recorder too and have been thinking lately about dragging it out and using it again. Unfortunately it's one of those old-fangled ones that use the little mini tapes. Such a drag to dig out the dictaphone just to transcribe some thoughts in my head.

On second thoughts, so many of those thoughts are flashes, not tomes of stuff that would take me 10 hours to transcribe. Funny how inspiration strikes, isn't it? How sort of compact it is. Trying to harness that is sort of like trying to harness water, in a way.

But still we try to capture as much as we can before it slips away and soaks into the ground :)

I love the whole creative arena and how that plays out in our minds and hearts. It's a really amazing thing.

Joel B. said...

Yeah actually I've been through several recording devices over the years. The first one I used was 'small,' but it used regular sized cassette tapes. I then went to a mini tape one, and used that for a while. Then I got a digital recorder, but as with the other tape recorders I had to manually record my recordings onto my computer. NOW I have a digital recorder that automatically transfers all the files to my computer, and I love it!

But now I feel I need a secretary to transcribe it all... LOL.

Anonymous said...

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