Sunday, September 14, 2008


What can I say, I guess I was ready for an all around change in my life. Hair, Blog, and my Studio Apartment. I have been organizing my house and getting ready for the cold to start moving in and taking over outside. I organized our little storage space in our little place, and took all the camping gear to our other storage unit and brought back our winter coats and clothes. Then I thought I was getting tired of the way things looked on my blog so, I had to give it a change. Haven't taken the time to just blog in a while! I miss it. I have been, I guess, taking time off unintentionally. I usually will blog when I am inspired to write, but haven't had the motivation or inspiration to write in a while. Anyway, hope you all like the change, I was ready for something different! It reminds me when I was a kid. I would re-arrange my bedroom at least every other month until I got sick of the arrangement, I would just turn things around and make it look and feel different. That is what I do with my blog I guess! Re-arrange and change things around every once in a while for a fresh clean look and perspective.

Hope you enjoy!

In Freedom, Nicole!


Aida said...

Nicki, I like the new blog look. I've been thinking about making a change on mine too but haven't had time to really look into it.

I think the new brighter color look of your blog fits your personality better than the darker color.

Don't feel pressured to blog. This might just be a time for you and Daddy to discuss things. You'll blog again when this season is over.

Love & lots of hugs,

Aida said...

Hey, Nicki. I didn't realize you changed your blog name. I really like the new name. Great choice!


Amy said...

I LOVE the look of this new design! Very fun and "hip!"

I'm a bit like you too. I like to "spice" things up a bit every so often for change. Refreshes things.

No worries about not blogging in a bit. As Aida said, just go with your heart. But, also know that I love you, am thinking about you, and I do love your entries EVERY time you post them. I mean that! I'm not just saying it!

Blessings my sister,
~Amy :)

Walking Church said...

looking good - will miss the mountain view - I am tree hugger at heart - but understand new seasons very well

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