Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To Walk Or Not To Walk!

What a beautiful day today on this warm autumn summer-like day! I must get out and walk for these days are quickly passing me by, that in the next month or so, it will be snowing. Don't want to be lazy again. That is what I have been being since I wrote that last blog, but I will spare you and not take a picture of myself this time! Tis' time to enjoy what Father has given me, a nice warm day to remind me of his warm and amazing love. Trying to keep my head high and remember Him, for it is a process sometimes!


Amy said...

Aaaah...I hope you enjoyed your walk. How beautiful it must have been my friend. Indeed, enjoy your blessed gift of the majesty of the scenery there.

Love you, sister.

~Amy :)

Walking Church said...

We at walkingchurch are always quick to tell our members - to 'take a hike'!!!

giggling in the woods.