Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lazy Dayz

Today I feel lazy! I don't feel like doing laundry even though it is piling up to the ceiling. I need to clean our house because we may be having Jonathan's sister over this weekend, but, I have no motivation to clean or tidy up. I slept in really late this morning and I try not to feel guilty about it. I must needed sleep, but I didn't even have any motivtaion to even get out of bed. I guess I have been busy working the last two days, and always seem to stay up way too late. I seem to be out of it today, and don't even feel like walking like I normally do. I haven't walked once this week. What is wrong with me?! It's getting colder out, but not that cold, I guess I have really no motivation to do anything...

Well, I guess I need to get off the computer, turn off the tv and purhaps find some motivation and go do laundry. Ugh


Bino M. said...

Each day is different. I feel very saddened and depressed today because one of my wife's colleague's 8 month old baby died. I can't imagine the pain of that parents. We are going for visitation today evening. It just hurts me to even think about losing a child to accident.

I didn't feel like working today. It makes me overeat!

Matthew Daelon said...

I prayed for you and the family who lost their child, Bino. Thanks for telling us. I prayed that God would give them comfort and healing and to stop the ache in their hearts.


I get "funks" too where I just don't feel like doing anything but reading my book or watching T.V. just wait on the Lord. The past few days I've just sort of been half-buttin' it around the house. Continue to encourage yourself with God's love for you and you'll find new zeal.

Nicole said...

Thank you brother's for your words of encouragement. I just don't have the energy boost I usually have. I don't know, its just weird I guess!

Bino, I am saddened to hear about the loss of that families baby. I will pray for them as well! It is sad to hear things like that I totally can relate!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Joel B. said...


My morning was somewhat like yours. I'm the dish-doer in our house, and I also do the laundry and other stuff. Normally I do all those things first thing in the morning after the kids are off to school. (I don't go to work till 1pm). But today I got up and got the kids ready for school, as usual, and as soon as they were out the door I was on the couch and I slept until about 10am!

I'm trying to do a little bit of work on my book everyday, but today I just didn't feel like doing anything at all so I was pretty much a bum all morning. :D And I enjoyed every minute of it!

I did want the kitchen to look fairly decent when my wife got home so I did end up at least filling the dishwasher, and I put a note on it saying all it needed was detergent and it was ready to go.

Some days you just gotta let things go! They'll still be there tomorrow. ;)

Amy said...

I tried to post this comment yesterday, but I was receiving a weird error message on your page that didn't allow me to post it. But I'm happy to see things are "working" for me today. Here it is:

I am so sorry about your wife's friend's baby. My heart truly can't put into words how my heart desires for you and your wife, and the mother and her husband to heal and mend from the loss.

No worries my sweet friend. It's totally okay for you to have a lazy day! We all have them. They are just a part of life.

I actually had kind of a "day" today myself. Feeling less energetic as a whole with a minor low-grade headache. I think I might be a tad dehydrated or something.

In any case, you just go rigt along galfriend and pamper yourself and just loaf around. Honestly! I believe God knew what He was doing when He encouraged us to take days of rest. He knew our physical, mental and emotionals selves simply need them.

Especially since you worked for the past two days, and your body intuitively slept in this morning, perhaps it was simply telling you to allow it a bit of a vacation! :)

It's your time to relax and refuel. Going with the flow.

~Amy :)

Nicole said...

Thanks Joel and Amy,

I know days like this come and go, and I guess I really just needed to chill and relax even though for some reason I was starting to feel a bit guilty about the whole thing! Gosh, I just need to relax and enjoy days like that, but not only feeling low physically, I felt it emotionally too, and I can't even point a finger at what was causing depression to seep into my day as well! Anyways, learning to let go and let God!

Love ya guys!

In Freedom, Nicole!

mike Ege said...

Hey Nicole,
I don't know what to add to what others have already said, but here's a shot. I find a HUGE difference in my heart when I have a purpose and direction clearly defined for me - not stuff that has to get done, but stuff that resonates from my heart that I feel called to do. Heart stuff always calls me forward.

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