Monday, September 15, 2008

Season of Change

As I walk down the quiet sidewalk, I notice the streets are embraced with color. As the sidewalks are starting to get covered in leaves and the colors of the trees fluctuate between golden-yellow colors to a red color. Mostly a yellow-golden color as autumn has not yet reached its peak and has yet more colors to experience. The breeze has a nip to it, nothing like the crisp of the autumn breeze with a warm drift to keep one cool in the still yet strong rays of the sun. I ponder on thoughts of change once I start to notice the change of season. Autumn shows its beauty and grace in many ways. It allows one to grow accustom to colder temperatures, but yet gives days that are summer like. Those days can lift one’s spirit high from the dimness of what cold can bring, but allows a cool down from a hot and gleaming summer that is only drenched in sunlight and heat. The season of autumn always takes me back in time, growing up and playing in the leaves as a child, or picking colored leaves and making collages out of them. Autumn was a time in my life when things were quiet and still. No big events took place or sudden loss or rare incident. Pleasant, were the days of fall when life had no big worries or doubts, but a wonderful sense of enjoyment and satisfaction of the season.


Amy said...

This is so beautiful! As I was reading it, it really has the flowing aura of a poem!

~Amy :)

Manuela said...

I like the pictures with it
The writing has a reminiscent and melancholic feel...much like autumn itself, so it's fitting
: ) -love

Walking Church said...

You must be Canadian! I love the maple to boot (L0L)

I also liked the one with what appears to be a flyfisherman in the stream - it is something I use to do a lot more in my 20-40's.

Fall is a celebration of His faithfulness in providing a substantial harvest - year after year. We celebrate Thanksgiving up here in October when much has been taking off the land and the food bins are full! I believe yours is in November and seems to be so closely tied to Christmas (my perspective - not sure if that is what happens).

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