Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Does Anyone Want To Talk?

Hey All, just wanted to see if anyone was interested in scheduling a time for all or some of us to get together and talk on yahoo messenger! I am pretty flexible and can pretty much chat anytime! Let me know if anyone has a time in mind, maybe this weekend sometime?!?!?

Let me know!

Love ya all!

Love In Freedom, Nicole!


Joel Brueseke said...

Hey! I'm up for it. I won't be around much on Saturday but I think Sunday afternoon or evening might work. If not this weekend, perhaps sometime next week. I've been wanting to do something like this for quite some time, so really if others are up for it we can all take some time to plan it if needed. Looking forward to connecting in more of a "group" setting!

Matthew Daelon said...

I'm usually with my Church until about 2pm on Sunday afternoons. I think I'm about 2 hours ahead of your time, Nicole.

I'm usually free on the weekends.

I'm excited to have us all get together and chat live as well.

Nicole said...


Sunday afternoon/evening will work for me! I am a night owl anyways so if its later here that it is fine! I have no plans On Sunday anyway!

So just remember I am on Mountain time so I will be at least 2 hrs earlier than all of ya'll on the East side of the states.... Pick a time and I should be able to make it!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Bino Manjasseril said...

My sis-in-law is in the hospital about to have a baby. SO I might go to visit them on either on Saturday or Sunday. So I will try to make it on Sunday evening, but not sure. But let me know the approx. time.

Nicole said...

Hey All!

Okay this is what I came up with, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong on time zones-

If it's all good with everyone let's shoot for this Sunday at 5pm or 6pm Mountain time. Eastern time is two hours ahead of Mountain time which is 7pm or 8pm, and Central time is one hour ahead, which would be 6pm or 7pm... Does that make sense?

If anyone has issues with the time, just let me know and we can change the time!

Hope you all can make it!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Matthew Daelon said...

I'm good with 8pm. I usually have a little yard work to do on Sundays in the evening. But I could do 7pm if anyone else needed to.

Nicole said...

That sounds good Matt!

Let's shoot for 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, and 6pm Mountain! I should be on yahoo for the evening so if someone can't make it until later! I will still be around!

Look forward to talking!!!

Love and Freedom, Nicole!

Joel Brueseke said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. By the way, if this particular time doesn't work out for some, I think this would be a great thing to try to do more often, so perhaps we could plan more of these in the future.

Matthew Daelon said...

Oh, we had definitely better do it more than once. I'm excited to be in a real time conversation.

Nicole said...

Amen to that! Let this be the first of many conversations ahead!


Aida said...

Nicki, Matthew and Joel

It was great last night. I didn't join Yahoo Messenger until Saturday since I was out of town but I'm glad I got it all together so I could participate. I look forward to our next time together. You're all even crazier on real time that you are on your blogs. LOL

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