Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spiritual Abuse Forum

Hey, I ran across this website called the church abuse and they have a forum; it seems like a ‘safe’ place for those who are recovering and healing from SA.

Feel free to email me personally if anyone needs support or someone just to talk to and who will listen!! I am here!

You are NOT alone in this…

Love In Freedom, Nicole!

(you will need to copy and paste the web address, I can't seem to get it to post as a link!)


Aida said...

Nicki, great idea! People need to know there are safe places to go and people who care.

There is such a strong emphasis in abusive systems regarding silence that it's hard for people coming out to speak openly without guilt. I've added an email contact to my profile in case anyone wants to speak privately.

I love you, Nicki. You're a great friend and sister.

BTW, I opened a new email account to go with my blog so it's different than the one you have. The one you have is still good so don't let that throw you off.


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