Saturday, June 28, 2008

Simple Expressions of My Heart!

I am overjoyed by how much Father has been showing me lately! It hasn’t been anything extravagant but simple and easy! I used to think Father couldn’t show me himself in ways that I now see him! I am amazed and blown away everyday now!

This weekend I have been alone, due to my husband being gone on a weekend camping trip with his best friend! At first I was sad to be alone; I hate to be alone or at least the feeling of it! I was trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do by myself this weekend…. Father had some ideas that I decided to follow! I have wanted to pursue my artistic side and now that I have basically all the time in the world to do so, I did! With a simple following of my Father’s voice, he opened up many doors for me to pursue art. First of all, I rummaged around my new little town to explore and see what kind of art shops Durango had to offer, and to my surprise, I met some amazing people who, I can’t remember their names at the moment, work in the local art galleries here in town and were just the sweetest people who I was able to talk to about my artistic abilities, which are limited at the moment due to NOT doing art in a while. Anyway, it was such a pleasure walking around and seeing what is available to do, like take some art classes, and join art clubs in the area!
It is incredible! Well, it doesn’t take much to find things like this in any local town, however, it takes energy and for some reason lately I have been feeling no motivation to go out in the world and find stuff to do! (Sounds ungodly, I know) but perhaps, just perhaps Father desire’s us to get out and pursue things in the world?! I feel freedom from Father and even a push, if I may, from the H.P to experience His work and His desire for me to pursue my passions with Him in this world. It’s been a joy ride that’s for sure! I am intensely satisfied with my life and for that I give Father all the credit!

Praise Him!


Manuela said...

That's so cool Nicole...Enjoyed the chat!!

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