Monday, June 30, 2008

I Am That Stupid Pedestrian

So, I have been doing a lot of walking and have been enjoying the outdoors so much! I have found great pleasure in walking downtown being a pedestrian. It has been a challenge at times; keeping out of the way of moving automobiles, and obeying the pedestrian laws out on the streets! I will be walking down a street and if there isn’t a stop light I usually just bail out onto the cross walk expecting all moving vehicles to stop at the presence of me, that stupid pedestrian. It has definitely been a challenge figuring out if cars will stop or not, even though usually the pedestrians have the right away especially if they have the right street signals! Also, I have been finding some awesome wide bike paths to walk on right by the river. I love to walk by running water because I love to watch it. With my iPod on and me jamming out, I tend to sing out loud, and if I get really into it I find that I almost cause bike collisions while I do that! Bikers will ride fast by me, and glare at me because I am in the way, and as I look back I notice that there are other bikers right behind me trying to get around me without hitting the other bikers that just past me. Oops! I just smile and look down hoping I didn’t just almost cause a bike collision. Yikes! Being on foot almost all the time now is new for me; I have walked, of course, in downtown areas but nothing like what I have been doing these days; where there are tons and tons of people and cars in small spaces! It can get kind of hairy and scary sometimes, but I try to keep my eyes open, and make sure I am not going to cause an accident, especially with me included! That would completely suck! I am usually safe but perhaps I trust too much in drivers who aren’t used to stopping for pedestrians, and who will ignore or pay no attention to the traffic signals and go on ahead without looking out for pedestrians. (I have been that driver before) I hope to become a smart pedestrian in the future as I get used to life on foot!
It’s been fun!


Matthew Daelon said...

LOL!! This is hilarious. Of course you need to be careful but I thought this was funny. You're not shy at all, are you? lol

There is an innocence about you, Nic. haha You seem to be very trusting.

Lindsay said...

Hey! How did the chat go online last night? As much as I would love to jump in and enjoy you all, I know that right now is not the time for that for me.

Sounds like you are enjoying your new town! Walking on the dangerous side. ;) Minus the bikers and crazy drivers, it must be so relaxing and refreshing to walk by the river and listen to your ipod! Enjoy! :)

Nicole said...


We had a great time chatting! Don't feel pressured into chatting if you don't want to, we are all free to pick to do what we feel we want and need to do!!! Although you are more than welcom to come join in anytime, just so you know!

Yes, Durango is a blast to live and as you can tell I have been walking a lot due to my newest post! Father has been blessing me with this opprotunity to use my feet to take me places!!!

Thanks for stopping in!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Nicole said...

Matt, you are too kind! lol
Thanks for noticing my innocence or lack there of! LOL

In Freedom, Nicole!

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