Monday, June 2, 2008

Obedience Will Follow

Is God more concerned with us being obedient to him, or having a relationship with us that flourishes to something great and overwhelming? I have thought about this and it seems that many christains seem to focus on what we “have” to do for Father and “obey” everything he says than engaging in an authentic relationship with him. If you think about it a servant can’t have a real and deep relationship with his master because the rules and regulations of the job seperates the connection that they could have with one another. If I treat my christian life like a job, then it is looked completely different than if I treat my Christian life as a precious and organic relationship with my maker that cannot be forced to be anything else than what it is! I have heard it put this way; If we are focused and live like children of the Father, than NOTHING can separate the relationship that is shared and the cool part is, is obedience will follow because we aren’t forced or obligated to obey. That last sentence is so refreshing. The pressure and angst of all the so called ‘christian standards’ fog and destroy a real and amazing relationship with Father that we can experience and with that we wouldn’t want to disapoint our Father because of how important Father has become to us!

I love the freedom and depth of Father’s grace!


Joel Brueseke said...

This is all so very true. Genuine obedience is impossible apart from relationship. You're right - a servant can be obedient but yet have absolutely no real relationship with his master.

Our obedience to our Father doesn't come from trying to be obedient, but I think it flows from an authentic relationship with Him, as you say.

So many people seem to have it backwards, thinking that if they'll just be obedient, then they will have a better relationship with God! But that was tried for years and years under the Old Covenant, and it never worked!

Thankfully God has come to us and given us His life. Our relationship is a union with Him that is based upon His love and grace. It is He who works in us to will and to do according to His good pleasure.

Bino Manjasseril said...

I don't think obedience is unimportant. But the question is, do we have the ability to obey?
We have no ability to obey God in our own energy, and that is the reason Christ lives in us. So that He will live a obedient life through us. It is His life in us is what obeys, not our flesh. Fleshly obedience results in self-righteousness, legalism and pride. Trying to obey in flesh and failing will result in disappointment and self-pity.

"Christ in us" is the answer. But often religion teaches the contrary, such as "we" obeying and pleasing God. But the truth is that since Gos is already pleased in us, we obey Him in Christ, which is a natural result of Christ's life in us.I think it was Steve McVey who said, We can't live the Christian life, only Christ can.

lydia joy said...

Amen Nicole! and Joel and Bino.....!
And might I add the more we know God truly loves and accepts us so fully, and we fall in love with Him - we will want so much to obey Him and to know what He is calling us to!!
Here's to the freedom and depth of His GRACE!!!

Nicole said...

Cheers! :)

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