Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Day on the Job And I Already Quit

So to some the title may sound bad, but actually I think there is a lot to what happens in life that will lead us out of something we have gotten ourselves into.

Today was my first house cleaning job out at these peoples house like 30 minutes from where I live. My landlord, Barbara and I started a house cleaning business and got this call from this guy who wanted us to clean his house twice a week, and he lives way out in the middle of nowhere. So, we decided to go check it out and we said we would clean his house if he helped pay for the gas. However, ever since we agreed to clean his house, something didn’t feel right about it. So, as dumb as I am, I just ignore the negative thoughts and give it a try! Low and behold, my first day on the job, I break something. Yikes! I am in trouble now, I think to myself, and freak out! I was cleaning the microwave and took the glass platter that sits in the microwave out to clean it! Well, I put it on the counter and it breaks into to two pieces. OH my gosh, what am I going to do now? Well, I try not to lose it and clean as fast as I could so I could go out and buy him a new one to replace the one I broke! Well, I get to town and go looking for one, I stop at a dozen stores and I can’t find one at all! I am not sure what to do, so I call Barbara and tell her what happened and she helps me look for one, but still no luck. So after great deliberation, we decide that maybe we aren’t supposed to do this job way out there with gas being so high and how they want us out there twice a week and to be very consistent! It can get to be a lot….So…..We are throwing in the towel, and are going to tell the guy that we just can’t do it! I have decided that he can use the money he owes me for the cleaning job to order himself a new microwave platter. So, I think Father really was watching out for me, because just the other day I was worrying about this job and how rough it would be to drive that much every week…. Even though it would have been much easier to listen to what Father was saying and not have taken the job in the first place, but things happen for a reason and perhaps that is why I accidently broke the microwave platter!


Matthew Daelon said...

Whoa that sucks! But all things work together for good! So God will use even small events like this to mold into something gracious and good.

I know how you would feel. I would have been freaking out myself! I hate when stuff like that happens. Yikes! I hope he doesn't take it bad.

It sucks to make mistakes, but God allows them for a reason. Perhaps in my case it's to help rid me of the fear of making them!

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