Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seeing God For Who He Truly IS

The way we perceive God’s character, gives us permission to act and portray the same character of God. If a person has an image of an angry God who punishes and condemns people who don’t conform to his authority, doesn’t that give that person permission to be angry and act the way they see or understand God’s Image? However, the more one understands God’s true character and image of unconditional love and acceptance, one will come to the conclusion that they no longer can use God as an excuse to act nasty towards others who don’t do things they do or believe how they believe… If we think God uses fear to manipulate people to come to him, it makes sense to think we have ‘permission’ to use fear and manipulation in order to control others to conform. We tend to create our own image of God and we think God hates or is angry with someone we are angry with and that makes it okay. . . I know for me, I have dealt with anger, but knowing his true character, I think that anger comes from my fleshly desires and the dark side of me. It has nothing to do with Father and who he is in my life… The way he shows himself to me is the exact opposite of how I act or live sometimes; living with anger, bitterness, and uneasiness that is covered in fear and manipulated thoughts, it takes away the peace and love that are major characteristics of His Image. I am ready to see and accept Father for who he truly is, and that is abundant love and acceptance of me no matter how I act or live. Something within me desires to express myself through the true nature of God that will take the place of the false images of Father I once had…


Jordy's Thoughts said...

I grew up in the catholic church. I was an altar boy. I once asked a religion teacher if a muderer could still go to heaven. Her answer: "If he's really sorry." Well as you know we are saved by placing our trust in Jesus not because of sacrifices we make. I write this too you cause SINCE I WAS LITTLE i always linked GOD with HELL. Very rarely did I ever think differently about GOD. I knew fo rthe most part, I was on thin ice. I don't know if I'll ever get over that even though GOD has showed me a more loving side. My anger towards HIM (or like you said myself) puts a barrier between us. You can't worship that way.

Sancho said...

Marilyn and I just checked out your blog. It is really amazing. I will be checking it out. I really enjoyed reading today's reflection "Seeing God for Who He Truly Is". I will be teaching on Sunday and would like to utilize some or all of your reflection. Let me know if that is ok with you.
God is blessing you and J. To God be the Glory.

Bino M. said...

I know where you are coming from. It took so many years in my life come to the place where I am today - that the fundamental characteristic of God is love. Sometimes we try to justify our loveless actions by connecting them , or pointing them to God.

Some great thoughts!

AmyC. said...

Yes, I believe that how we view God, directly determines how we view ourselves, and how we view others.

When Papa showed me who HE TRULY is (Love) -- it was so totally different than what I'd learned in the institutional church, and that is what I had believed.

Now, I walk each day in the Spirit and freedome of learning continuously how to love, what it looks like, and how to show it to self and others.

I'm convinced that only by knowing that God is LOVE and LOVES me and LOVES everyone...can I treat others with that love.

All those other tactics of fear, manipulation, shame, etc...are not of love. And by listening to the Holy Spirit who dwells within me and every Believer, He helps us discern what is "good" and "not-good" in doing, being, thought, etc.

~Amy :)

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