Thursday, July 17, 2008

Unplanned and Unexpected Visits With My Father

Quiet times in our Christian circles, has become a time set aside to spend time with the Lord, but I think that if that is the only time we allow ourselves to be with Father and try to ‘make’ something happen during that time, doesn’t that hinder the possibilities of spontaneous experiences that we could have? I remember having a certain time of day set aside for Father, and honestly, I never got a whole lot out of it, it became more of something to check off my daily list, and nothing more. I remember hearing growing up that it was crucial that we have quiet times with the Lord every single day in order to be close to him. Today, that doesn’t make sense to me because why can’t I feel close to him just living and being every single minute of every single day with him? That just boils down to ‘doing’ something for God than living day to day with Father and being open to His unexpected presence… I honestly, hardly just open my bible to read, if I want to be close to Father I will read blogs, or stories of other people’s lives today to see the presence of Father in others lives, or I read good books… I don’t think I remember the last time I opened the bible to just read it. There is nothing wrong with just reading the bible if one feels like that is the way to be close to Father, but I don’t think that everyone feels the same… I definitely don’t. I find that the best times for me to spend time with the Lord are unplanned and are mostly unexpected, and through those times, I feel completely fulfilled and satisfied with what Father has to offer in my life. So, I started a new daily list, and quiet times are NOT on it!!! FREEDOM is to express myself and be who I am wherever and whenever Father and I want to chill!


Aida said...

Nicki, I can so relate to this one. I gave up quiet times years ago when I learned that I could spend time with Father all day. Even though I didn't understand grace at the time, all day seemed so much better than in the morning when I was too tired to see straight.

Like you, I found that those quiet times made zero difference in my life because I was merely fulfilling a check off list rather than developing a relationship.

Also, I'm the same way about reading my Bible. For me, the Bible is a great place to find out about God but, when I want to have relationship with him, I usually find it other places.

You told me recently that we seem to be learning the same thing. Apparently, that's true. I'm glad I have a great sister and friend like you to share this journey with.

AmyC. said...

Hello! I found your Blog page off of Aida Carter's Blog-Forgetting the Former Things. I've recently become a commentor on The God Journey Forum ( as well as Darin Hufford's Free Believers forum (

I really relate to this Blog entry. Very beautifully articulted, Nicole. It's so true...what it "boils down to isn't 'doing’ something for God. Rather, it's living day to day with Father. Resting in his embrace. Trusting in him. Waking up each day with an open heart, ready to go whereever, and do whatever he places in that day before us. It IS being open to His unexpected presence. I love that. Like you, it's not the measured and preached/institutionalized "way" of "getting in your Bible." While reading the Bible IS one way, it's only one of millions of beautiful ways Father spends time talking to me. Honestly, I hardly ever open my Bible. Rather, it's when I read blogs, forum comments, and "talk" back to my fellow brothers and sisters...after all Father is inside THEM, too. He's there in a song, in a scene of nature, in my puppy's kiss and greeting me at my door.

Nicole, I look forward to reading more of your posts here on your page. Feel free to drop me an email anytime, too.

~Amy :)

Jordy's Thoughts said...

Nicole I love your honesty. I too get more out of reading testimonies than reading the bible. I have a question to ask you in regards to the post you made on my blog. Would there have been a chance that you could of still ignored GOD in the midst of being broken? I ask this because I hear it all the time "Sooner or later you'll only have one place to turn." Well i just don't know if I'll ever turn to GOD no matter what is going on. Maybe I'm wrong in saying this but the idea of being in His will scares me to death.

Thanks Jordan

Robert said...

hi nicole- I found you from tracy i have gone back over many of your posts and you seem to have discovered the essence of moment by moment embracing God and relating with Him I love how you express yourself on here you have such a free spirit and are so livelky and warm glad i saw you at tracys and came by here :)

Nicole said...

Aida, we do have many things in common and I do think Father has brought us together as sisters!!!

Amy, I am so glad you came by... I am excited you enjoyed this post. It is so funny but actually I really didn't ponder these thoughts but they flowed out of me like they were there for a long time, it is weird. I loved what you said, not just one way will get us closer to Father, but he uses several ways to get our attention. It's exciting! And knowing that doesn't put limits on how Father can relate to us.... Free flowing and free going...

Jordy, Thanks brother for coming by, my answer to your question would be NO. I wouldn't ignore him because he is too graceful to ignore and has compassion for me that is only seen through my brokenness. Fear, really is the problem, its not God, its not His Will. It's FEAR> that is making you not pursue God in a relationship. Fear has made you run away instead of run to God, but, if you EMBRACE Father, Fear will no longer flourish, it may try to, but it is something WE ALL have to overcome at some point in our lives... I will pray for you more, you are not alone, DON'T FORGET THAT!!!!

Robert, I am so glad you came by... I just have to say that through my blog the Spirit speaks, and I am just the deliverer. I give Father all the glory in where my life is, for it is all for Him anyways!!!! I am pleased that you are getting things from what I write! AMEN!!!

In Freedom, Nicole!!!

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