Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Presence of God over the Image of God-

Yesterday when I was taking my daily walk by the river, I was thinking about Father and how living in the moment with him as I was enjoying the freeness I feel when I am close to him. I was pondering what image I have of Father. Is he that big guy up in the clouds looking down at me? Or is he my Father walking beside me through everything I go through? It touched my heart thinking about feeling the presence of Father in my life. He walks with me through thick and thin, through trial and error, through war and peace, or just a stroll down the bike path by the river. Through it all he is there! It’s a comforting thought to think that I am not alone, ever. I love it! He has a very good way to get my attention on His presence throughout the day even if I am busy doing stuff.

Sometimes I think the image I have of Father is just an idea I learned from another person, and who they think the image of Father is or what they understand him to be, but it doesn’t make sense that every single person would think of Father in the same way. It is easy to have an idea of Father than actually experience his presence, but once someone really recognizes the differences, something in our mind begins to shift our focus. We get out minds off of ourselves and what we think, and onto the ever realness presence of God. It’s exciting to see that there is a difference, and experiencing it first hand is an amazing thing.

Praise Him


Manuela said...

What you are describing is so cool-- the presence of God. I have a song where I wrote about it, that I want to share with you sometime. His presence is so very real...and so very satisfying.

Nicole said...

Amen sister! That is awesome! I would love to hear or read the lyrics to your song! Do you play any instruments? I would love to hear you sing sometime if you have a recording you could email me or something! That is such an amazing gift to be able to write lyrics! I am not that talented!

How cool!

In Freedom Nicole!

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